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Section 1 English-Chinese Translation (英译汉) (60 points)

The Gap between Rich and Poor Widened in U.S. Capital

Washington D.C. ranks first among the 40 cities with the widest gap between the poor and the rich, according to a recent report released by the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute on July 22nd. The top 20 percent of households in D.C. have an average yearly income of $186,830, 31 times that of the bottom 20 percent, which earns only $6,126 per year. The income gap is also big in Atlanta and Miami, but the difference is not as pronounced.

The report also indicates that the widening gap occurred mainly during the 1990s. Over the last decade, the average income of the top 20 percent of households has grown 36 percent, while the average income of the bottom 20 percent has only risen 3 percent.

"I believe the concentration of the middle- to high-income families in the D.C. area will continue, therefore, the income gap between rich and poor will be hard to bridge," David Garrison told the Washington Observer. Garrison is a senior researcher with the Brookings Institution, specializing in the study of the social and economic policies in the greater Washington D.C. area.

The report attributed the persistent income gap in Washington to the area's special job opportunities, which attract high-income households. Especially since the federal government is based in Washington D.C., Government agencies and other government related businesses such as lobbying firms and government contractors constantly offer high-paying jobs, which contribute to the trend of increasing high-income households in the D.C. area. For example, a single young professional working in a law firm in D.C. can earn as much as $100,000 in his or her first year out of law school.

Section 2 Chinese-English Translation (汉译英) (40 points)






Section 1 英译汉 (60分)


美国首都独立研究机构华盛顿特区财政政策研究院(DC Fiscal Policy Institute)于7月22日公布的一份其最新的研究报告显示,华盛顿特区的贫富差距居全美40个大都会区之冠,20%最富有的家庭其年收入高达$186,830美元,是20%最贫穷家庭年收入(仅$6,126美元)的31倍。虽然亚大兰大和迈阿密两市的贫富差距与华盛顿相当,但其贫富不均的情况却不如华盛顿明显。


“我认为中高收入家庭过分集中在特区的情况仍然会持续下去,在未来十年内贫富鸿沟恐怕难以拉近,”布鲁金斯学院(Brookigns Institution)专攻大华盛顿地区经济和社会形势的高级研究员大卫·盖立森(Daivd Garrison)对《华盛顿观察》周刊说道。


“此外,华盛顿特区也提供高品质的住宅(high-quality housing),这也是为什么高薪家庭选择在华府居住的主因之一,”盖立森分析道,“而一般中低收入家庭,在有余力的情况下,为了孩子能够上较好的学校而选择搬离华盛顿特区,移至分布于马里兰州和弗吉尼亚州的住宅区。”


盖立森此处所指的华盛顿特区指的是约有56万人口的都市(District of Columbia)本身,不包括整个华盛顿大都会区(Greater Washington Metro Area),“整个华盛顿大都会区人口高达500万人,但低收入户却只往华盛顿特区集中,”他特别解释道。

“不论我们如何努力吸引商家到华盛顿特区投资,华府有一部分的低收入家庭就是无法从中受惠,没有办法得到特区独特的高薪工作机会。”华盛顿市长办公室发言人托尼·布拉克(Tony Bullock)说,“贫富差距的背后许多复杂的原因,是不能在一夕之间就改变的。”他言谈间颇有对特区的贫富悬殊无可奈何之叹。


但盖立森对未来贫富差距是否真能拉近不是十分乐观,他尤其对这波经济复苏是不是能帮助到穷人保持怀疑的态度:“布什的减税方案虽然带动了美国这波经济复苏,有工作的人和富人的确享受到不少好处,但对穷人的帮助虽然不能说是完全没有,也只能说是不如富人的获益高,”盖立森分析道,“美国一般的工薪族(working class),也就是那些做初级工作、拿最低工资、老老实实缴税的人,实在没有从布什的减税案得到太大益处。”


Section 2 汉译英(40分)

Over the past 25 years, China has been firmly pressing ahead with the implementation of the reform program and the initiative of opening up to the outside world. With the establishment of a preliminary socialist market economy, and the nation’s economy attaining an outward-oriented perspective, the productive forces and the comprehensive national competence have been on the rising curve constantly. And various social undertakings have been developing in full swing. The living standard of the Chinese people as a whole has undergone a historical leap from a subsistence level to the level of moderate prosperity.

In the 25 years between 1978 and 2003, the annual growth rate of China's economy was running at an average of 9.4 percent, with its GDP jumping from 147.3 billion US dollars to over 1.4 trillion US dollars.

25 years ago, China’s foreign trade value and foreign exchange reserves each stood at 20.6 billion and 167 million in US dollars, but last year they shot up to 851.2 billion US dollars and 403.3 billion US dollars respectively. China has now become the sixth largest economy and the fourth largest trader in the world.

The tremendous changes in China are attributed to the fact that we have adhered to the path of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and persevered in our reform and opening endeavors, which brought into full play the Chinese people's initiative, enthusiasm and creativeness.

Though China has scored impressive achievements in its development, we must not lose sight of our problems: overpopulation, a weak economic foundation, underdeveloped productivity, highly uneven development, and the fairly sharp contradictions between the country's ecological environment and natural resources on the one hand and its economic and social development on the other.

China's per capita GDP, though reaching the record high of 1,000 US dollars last year, still ranks well behind the 100th place in the world. To realize China's modernization program and offer all the Chinese people a prosperous life there is yet an uphill battle to fight.

We have already set our vision for the first 20 years of this century, which involves the building of a moderately prosperous society of a higher standard in an all-round way for the benefit of well over one billion Chinese people. By 2020 the GDP will be quadrupled from the figure of 2000 to 4 trillion US dollars, with the per capita level averaging at 3,000 US dollars. By then the nation will be immersed in an ambience of greater social harmony with an improved quality of life for the people, featuring a more developed economy, more sound democracy, more thriving culture and more advanced science and education.


  • democracyn. 民主,民主制,民主国家
  • constantlyadv. 不断地,经常地
  • initiativeadj. 创始的,初步的,自发的 n. 第一步,首创精神
  • instituten. 学会,学院,协会 vt. 创立,开始,制定
  • qualityn. 品质,特质,才能 adj. 高品质的
  • professionaladj. 职业的,专业的,专门的 n. 专业人员
  • impressiveadj. 给人深刻印象的
  • productivityn. 生产率,生产能力
  • swingn. 摇摆,改变,冲力 v. 摇摆,旋转,动摇
  • pressingadj. 紧迫的,紧急的 press的现在分词