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Second, pursue win-win outcome through cooperation. As countries vary in economic situation and have growing differences in terms of interest, there are now rising rifts and frictions among them. There is widespread panic and acute lack of confidence in the markets. This grave situation shows the urgency of enhancing international coordination and cooperation. We should strengthen unity and send a strong signal of pursuing win-win cooperation to the world so as to boost the confidence of the international community in global economic recovery and development. We should strengthen consultation and coordination, introduce mutually supporting and complementing policy measures, and tackle sovereign debt risks, massive unregulated cross-border flow of capital and other financial risks. We should keep the fluctuation of commodity prices under control, mitigate global inflationary pressure and make sure that the economic policies pursued by various countries do not offset each other.
第 二,坚持在合作中谋求共赢。目前,各国经济发展面临的形势不同,利益诉求差异加大,矛盾和摩擦增多。市场信心严重不足。形势越严峻,越显示出加强国际协调 和合作的必要和迫切。我们应该加强团结,释放合作谋共赢的强有力信号,增强国际社会对世界经济复苏和发展的信心。我们应该加强沟通和协调,努力形成相互支 持、相互补充的政策措施,妥善化解主权债务、跨境资本大规模无序流动等金融风险,控制大宗商品价格波动,有效缓解全球通胀压力,避免各国经济政策效果相互抵消。

Third, improve governance in the course of reform. The international financial crisis has highlighted the deficiencies in the global economic governance system, but it has also enabled us to set out on a historic process of building a new system of global economic governance. We have taken note of the progress made in reforming international financial institutions and in the financial regulatory reform and the increase in the voice and representation of emerging markets and developing countries. Still, major efforts should be made to reform and improve the international monetary system, international trading system and commodity pricing mechanism. We should advance the reform of the international monetary system in a steady manner, expand the use of the SDR of the IMF, reform the SDR currency basket, and build an international reserve currency system with stable value, rule-based issuance and manageable supply. We should be firmly committed to free trade, oppose trade and investment protectionism, move forward the Doha Round negotiations, reaffirm the commitment of not taking new trade protectionist measures, and work to build a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory international trading system. We should work to make the commodity pricing and regulating mechanism more equitable and transparent, expand production capacity, stabilize supply and demand, strengthen supervision and curb speculation so as to maintain the stability of commodity prices at a reasonable level. We should ensure global energy security and food security, and in particular, meet the energy and food needs of developing countries. We should remain firm in our resolve to advance reform and make continued progress towards the building of a more just and equitable system of global economic governance.
第 三,坚持在改革中完善治理。国际金融危机凸显了全球经济治理体系的弊端,也促使我们开启了推进全球经济治理新体系建设的历史进程。我们注意到,国际金融机 构和金融监管改革取得一定进展,新兴市场国家和发展中国家代表性和发言权有所增加。同时,我们也应该看到,国际货币体系、国际贸易体系、大宗商品价格形成 机制等仍需大力改革和完善。我们应该稳妥推进国际货币体系改革,扩大国际货币基金组 织特别提款权的使用,改革其货币组成篮子,建立币值稳定、供应有序、总量可调的国际储备货币体系。我们应该继续高举自由贸易旗帜,反对贸易和投资保护主 义,坚定推动多哈回合谈判,重申不采取新的贸易保护主义措施的承诺,致力于建立公平、合理、非歧视的国际贸易体系。我们应该推动形成更加合理透明的大宗商 品定价和调控机制,扩大产能、稳定供求、加强监管、抑制投机,实现和保持大宗商品价格合理稳定,着力保障全球能源安全和粮食安全,尤其是要保障发展中国家 能源和粮食消费需求。我们应该坚持推进改革的决心不动摇,朝着更加公正合理的全球经济治理体系不断迈进。

Fourth, strive for progress through innovation. The current crisis has once again raised a serious and fundamental issue, namely, how mankind should conduct activities affecting production and livelihood. This is a test on our vision and ability, and it cries out for urgent action. Innovation is an inexhaustible source of human progress. To overcome the crisis, we need to make pioneering efforts. We should improve and innovate our thinking, system and mode for advancing economic and social development, and strike a balance in such important relationships as those between government and market, labor and capital, production and consumption, and equity and efficiency. We should bring into full play the basic role of the market in resources allocation while avoiding blind pursuit of profit and malicious competition. The government should play a key role in macro-regulation and upholding social equity and justice while avoiding being divorced from reality and keeping all responsibilities to itself. We should vigorously pursue scientific innovation and upgrade industrial technologies. At the same time, we should continue to make creating jobs and improving people's life our top priority, so that progress in science and technology and expansion in employment will complement each other. We should boost production and strengthen the material foundation for social development. At the same time, we should ensure more equitable distribution of income, so that growth in social productivity and improvement in people's living standards will reinforce each other.
第四,坚持在创新中不断前进。目前这场危机再次十分严肃地向我们提出了人类生产生活活动应该如何开展这个重大命题,考验着我们的智慧和能力,亟待我们采取行动。创新是人类社会发展的不竭动力。应对这场危机,需要锐意进取,不断完善和创新经济社会发展的理念、体制、模式,处理好政府和市场、劳动和资本、生产和消费、公平和效率等重要关系。我们既应该充分发挥市场在资源配置中的基础性作用,又不能放任唯利是图、恶性竞争;既应该充分发挥政府在宏观调 控和维护社会公平正义方面的关键作用,又要避免脱离实际、大包大揽。我们既应该大力提倡科技创新、不断提高产业技术水平,又应该始终把增加就业、改善民生 摆在首位,使科技进步和扩大就业相得益彰。我们既应该大力促进生产、不断夯实社会发展的物质基础,又应该更加注重收入的合理分配,使社会生产能力提高和民众生活改善相互促进。

  • stableadj. 稳定的,安定的,可靠的 n. 马厩,马棚,一批
  • maliciousadj. 怀恶意的,恶毒的
  • panicn. 恐慌 adj. 惊慌的 vt. 使 ... 惊慌
  • striken. 罢工,打击,殴打 v. 打,撞,罢工,划燃
  • opposevt. 反对,反抗,使对立,使对抗
  • mechanismn. 机制,原理 n. 机械,机构,结构
  • coordinationn. 协调
  • equityn. 权益,产权,(无固定利息的)股票,衡平法 n. 公
  • transparentadj. 透明的,明显的,清晰的
  • urgencyn. 紧急(的事)