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China Reports 2020 Economic Growth After Strong Last Quarter

China's economy picked up speed in the fourth quarter of 2020 to end the year with a growth rate of 2.3 percent.

The growth could make China the only major economic power to expand following worldwide business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Growth in the three months ending in December rose to 6.5 percent over a year earlier, official data released this week showed. The growth was driven in large part by the Chinese public returning to stores, restaurants and movie theaters.

In the first quarter, economy activity fell 6.8 percent, as the ruling Party decided to shut down most of its economy to fight the coronavirus. In the second quarter, China became the first major economy to expand. It reported 3.2 percent growth during that period. That rate came after officials declared victory over the virus in March and permitted factories, stores and offices to reopen.

Today, restaurants are filling up with people again. So are movie theaters and some major stores. Crowds are still thin at large shopping malls, however, where guards take the temperature of visitors to identify possible coronavirus cases.

Tourism within China has also started to come back. However, some Chinese cities are reporting a rise in new infections. Because of this, China's government has urged the public to stay home during the Lunar New Year holiday in February. The Lunar New Year holiday is normally the busiest part of China's travel season.

China moved quickly to put public restrictions in place across the country when the virus appeared. Experts say the action permitted China to largely contain the virus much more quickly than most countries.

Another driver of the country's latest economic growth was a boost in exports linked to the demand for Chinese-made face masks and other medical goods during the pandemic.

Rajiv Biswas is with the market research company IHS Markit. He said in a report that China's 2020 growth showed clear gains in consumer activity and strong export performance. Biswas added that China is likely to be the only major economy to have growth in 2020. Developed nations and most major developing markets experienced a recession.

China's National Bureau of Statistics said in a statement that the economy had "recovered steadily." It added that the ruling party's development goals had progressed "better than expectations."

Even with the fourth quarter rise, China's overall 2.3 percent rate marked the country's weakest economic expansion in many years.

Iris Pang is an economist in China with financial services company ING. She wrote in a report that it is too early to tell whether the Chinese growth results represent "a full recovery." She said experts are watching "external demand" for exports, which has not yet fully recovered.

The International Monetary Fund and private industry experts have predicted China's economic growth will rise more in 2021, to above 8 percent.

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1.industry n.行业

The industry is strictly regulated.


2.growth n.增长

Export growth has started to flatten out.


3.private adj.私人的

He doesn't like to talk about his private life.


4.economist n.经济学家

Economist Jeffrey Faux says a tax cut is a bad idea.


5.Today, restaurants are filling up with people again.

fill up with 用...填满

I found all the bottles filled up with mineral water.


They filled up with diesel at the petrol station on their way home.


6.China moved quickly to put public restrictions in place across the country when the virus appeared.

put in place 实施

The infrastructure is already being put in place.


And more policies and measures are put in place in this regard.













拉吉夫·比斯瓦斯在市场研究公司IHS Markit工作[w961o52b)CIM。他在一份报告中表示,中国2020年的经济增长表明了消费者活动的明显增长以及强劲的出口表现.GeD-5(_94#a4wupX。比斯瓦斯还说,中国很可能是2020年唯一实现增长的主要经济体W&qWavYmlh^*。发达国家和大多数主要发展中国家都经历了经济衰退%u3no7bhef1pixTIb-l



彭蔼娆(Iris Pang)是金融服务公司荷兰国际集团大中华区经济学家AQh9@CY4u8Te。她在一份报告中写道,现在判断中国的增长结果是否代表“全面复苏”还为时过早FZwrzkBJ;2p~g。她说,专家们正在观察尚未完全恢复的出口“外部需求”-kccU@u#L&IPhPow,