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2020 Brought India Recession

The year 2020 brought India its most serious economic and security issues in many years. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the country into a recession.

India ordered one of the world's most severe lockdowns in March, when it had just a few hundred coronavirus cases. But when the country started opening up, the virus began to spread quickly. By the end of the year, India was the second-worst hit nation, with nearly 10 million COVID-19 cases.

Millions of people lost jobs and hundreds of small businesses closed. But experts warned that the economic problems went deeper than the health crisis.

The first evidence of this came in April when India witnessed a never-before-seen exodus of migrant laborers. Having lost jobs in cities, millions walked hundreds of kilometers to their villages when all transport was halted.

India has been the worst hit among large economies because nearly 90 percent of its workers survive on its informal sector. The economy is expected to fall by nine percent this year, its worst recession in 40 years.

The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy estimated that about 120 million jobs were lost from April to June. Many jobs came back as the government began easing lockdowns to help. But millions of people are still struggling to find work.

Among the jobless are tens of thousands of street sellers whose businesses were destroyed by the pandemic.

Ranga Shalivan restarted his two small roadside food stands in July in the city of Hyderabad. For months, few people bought his food. But he has seen some improvement in recent weeks.

It's a little better now, "but I am still making only about half the money that I used to. It has been very hard," he said.

The government has announced two stimulus bills. But Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told industry leaders it would not be enough to deal with the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Now at the end of the year, there is hope that the worst may be over as India gets control of the health crisis. Numbers of new COVID-19 infections are lessening. And a new vaccine is expected to come within weeks.

Economist Arun Kumar, however, has warned that real progress will be a long-term process for the world's second most populous country.

During the past year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also faced some of his biggest challenges since taking power six years ago. There was widespread protest over a new citizenship law that critics say discriminates against Muslims. In the Indian capital in February, communal riots killed more than 50 people. Then in December, tens of thousands of farmers camped on the edges of New Delhi, angered by new farming laws. They worry the laws will open them to corporate abuse.

Experts say while the pandemic tested nations worldwide, India's challenges could make the road to recovery longer and harder.

I'm Alice Bryant.


1.progress n.进步;进度

They asked for a progress report on the project.


2.pandemic n.流行病

One pandemic of Spanish flu took nearly 22 million lives worldwide.


3.populous adj.人口密集的

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world.


4.infection n.感染

The infection did not respond to the drugs.


5.Then in December, tens of thousands of farmers camped on the edges of New Delhi.

tens of thousands of 成千上万的

Insects are made up of tens of thousands of proteins.


They somehow contrived to lose tens of thousands of applications.


6.Then in December, tens of thousands of farmers camped on the edges of New Delhi.

on the edges of 在...边缘

However, on the edges of the salt flat, you will find the 12 llamas are everywhere.


The ice around on the edges of Antarctica is melting at a quick pace.












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政府宣布了两项刺激法案rhIbn8fW]U16EYW*go。但是财政部长尼尔玛拉·西塔拉曼(Nirmala Sitharaman)对行业领袖表示,这可能不足以应对疫情引发的危机j[p+;v%ytCtd


然而经济学家阿伦·库马尔(Arun Kumar)警告说,对于印度这个世界第二大人口的国家来说,取得实质性进展将是一个漫长的过程dpXhXTOoAMNc