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Hello, I'm Debbie Russ with the BBC News.
French police are raiding dozens of homes in connection with the beheading of a teacher last week by an Islam teenager. Interior Minister said he was scrutinizing 51 muslim associations with a view to shutting some down. Hugh Schofield reports. The President wants a response to the atrocity that is clear and unambiguous. Fear must change sides, he's quoted as telling the Cabinet. So this morning there have been police operations at the homes of dozens of suspected radicals and these operations are set to continue all week. Some of those being questioned are believed to have posted messages of support for the Chechen killer of Samuel Paty. Others are from associations such as the Collective Against Islamophobia that the government believes propagate a permanent message of defiance to the French state.
The Socialist candidate Luis Arce looks set to win Bolivia presidential election without the need for a runoff. Exit polls suggest he's won more than 52% of the vote. Here is Nicolas Rocha. If the results predicted by the exit polls are confirmed, Luis Arce's Socialist party will have made a remarkable comeback. Only last year it's veteran leader, former President Evo Morales went into exile after an election that was anulled because of fraud allegations. It's not yet clear whether Mr. Morales will return to Bolivia. For the time being, though, Mr. Arce has made it clear he'll try to heal the bitter divisions and govern for all Bolivians at the time when the country's facing a difficult economic situation.




Thai officials are threatening to shut down four news organizations for publishing content about the ongoing protests targeting the government and the monarchy. They're also planning to block a popular messaging APP used by protesters to organize their rallies. It comes after government order last week, banning demonstrations failed to deter crowds gathering. The Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has called for a special session of parliament to discuss the current crisis. But more demonstrations are planned by protesters demanding his resignation.
The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide has passed forty million. Johns Hopkins University, which tracks COVID data, says the number of deaths from the virus has risen to more than 1.1 million. More than half the global number of infections were reported in just three countries, the United States, India and Brazil.
The first commercial passenger flight from the United Arab Emirates to Israel has landed in Tel Aviv. The two countries recently established normal relations. The details from Alan Johnson. The pilots of the Emirate Airliner emerged from his cockpit to be greeted by a welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion airport. He said the flight had been made possible by the actions of what he called the brave leaders of the UAE and Israel. The two countries recently agreed to normalize their relations. Palestinians have bitterly opposed the deal. They see it as undermining Arab pressure on Israel that's been aimed at getting it to agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state.
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1.Interior Minister said he was scrutinizing 51 muslim associations with a view to shutting some down.


with a view to 为了;方便


The authors no doubt overstated their case with a view to catching the public's attention


2.For the time being, though, Mr. Arce has made it clear he'll try to heal the bitter divisions and govern for all Bolivians at the time when the country's facing a difficult economic situation.


at the time 当时,在那时


I was out of work at the time







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