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Malaysia's Mahathir Mulls Risks, Rewards of Postponed Power Transfer
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad appears unlikely to surrender his leadership as promised to government coalition partner Anwar Ibrahim.
Mahathir was returned to office in elections in 2018. Several times since he has again said he would serve only one to two years before passing power to Anwar.
That idea raised fears that there may be a dispute over the office that could divide the coalition and cost it the next election.
Longtime politicians, Mahathir and Anwar fought in the late 1990s. They rejoined to defeat the country's long-ruling and corrupt Barisan Nasional coalition in May 2018. The two men promised to clean up the government, decrease living costs and support minority rights. Ninety-four year old Mahathir also promised to give Anwar the office after two years.
But Mahathir, who was Prime Minister for 22 years until 2003, seems to be enjoying his second time in office. It appears he may have changed his mind about leaving the position.
In an interview with Reuters last month, he said again he would give his office to Anwar. However, at a meeting in Doha a few days later, he said he would not commit to Anwar. He added he would think about giving up his office only after he chairs the next meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in November.
Anwar has so far accepted all Mahathir's statements. He says the change will happen at the right time. But there are fears that a refusal by Mahathir could split their coalition, the Pakatan Harapan, said Ben Bland. He is the director of the Southeast Asia Project at Australia's Lowy Institute.
"They end up attacking each other...damaging their prospects at the next election," he told VOA.
No one is surprised by the unpredictability of the situation. Many thought Anwar would replace Mahathir in the 1990s, when the younger man served as finance minister, but they fought. Anwar was removed from office in 1998. He was found guilty of sex crimes in 1998, which he denies, saying the case against him was brought for political reasons. Anwar spent the next six years in jail.
'No normal relationship of trust'
Their more recent effort to join forces against their enemy, the Barisan Nasional coalition, was successful.
However, "it's clear they still don't have a normal relationship of trust," Bland said. He added that many in the coalition believe that only Anwar has the political strength to lead Pakatan Harapan to a second victory.
Some experts say Mahathir also fears the loss of importance after he announces he is leaving.
An announcement at APEC, maybe?
Some say the APEC summit would make a strong goodbye for a man who has always cared deeply about his international importance.
"I think APEC is important for him... that is one way for him to cement his foreign policy legacy...he's going to be the only leader to chair APEC twice," said Adib Zalkapli. He is the head of the consulting firm Bower Group Asia.
As much as Mahathir and his allies may still not trust Anwar, Zalkapli believes that Mahathir knows that a handover must come and that Anwar will need two years as prime minister before the next election, due by mid-2023.
Wong Chin Huat is a political scientist and professor at Malaysia's Sunway University. He says that Mahathir does really want Anwar to become prime minister, but the longer Anwar waits, the weaker he looks.
"If Anwar is not strong, it makes the case for Mahathir to stay a bit longer," he said.
I'm Susan Shand.


1.prime minister 总理;首相


The prime minister and the moderates are not yet home and dry.

2.normal relationship 正常关系


Whatever your feelings, this was not about love and a normal relationship.

3.foreign policy 外交政策


There's always a lack of consistency in matters of foreign policy.

4.clean up 清除


Nina and Mary were in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner.

5."If Anwar is not strong, it makes the case for Mahathir to stay a bit longer," he said.

a bit longer 久一点;长一点


I want to be with you a bit longer.
I would like to stay in Britain a bit longer, but I will need to extend my visa.

6."They end up attacking each other...damaging their prospects at the next election," he told VOA.

end up doing 以...告终


If you hang around with colleagues all the time you just end up talking shop.
If you always give in to others you will end up feeling like a doormat.



马来西亚总理马哈蒂尔·穆罕默德(Mahathir Mohamad)似乎不太可能像他向执政联盟伙伴安瓦尔·易卜拉欣(Anwar Ibrahim)承诺的那样移交领导权.*nt5Hz&=051
长期从政的马哈蒂尔和安瓦尔在上世纪90年代末曾经是对手P5~NVs0@!L.l。他们于2018年5月重新结盟,击败了该国长期执政和腐败的国民阵线(Barisan Nasional)联盟OEv~+jLa]r。两人承诺整顿政府,降低生活成本,支持少数族裔的权利|#bEX_Wt;C;T^8BNT。现年94岁的马哈蒂尔还承诺,两年后将把总理之位移交安瓦尔)X6t0&nsxxjZ8g


到目前为止,安瓦尔已经接受了马哈蒂尔的所有声明S)!m_mKGB;szs11vfyt。他说,这种变动将在适当的时候发生vBsRfQ(tX2ev。但有人担心,马哈蒂尔拒绝让位或分裂他们的希望联盟(the Pakatan Harapan),本·布兰德说道=R#hiqTgS9JT0-(Ioa+。他是澳大利亚洛伊研究所(Lowy Institute)东南亚项目的负责人CL=0zo&ADisz[bR0Cq
他们最近联合起来对抗对手国阵联盟(the Barisan Nasional coalition)的努力是成功的S6NbhV3Eybp%L]p=
阿迪布(Adib Zalkapli)表示,“我认为APEC对他来说很重要……这是他巩固其外交政策遗产的一种方式j_NPf[*VDS。他将是唯一一位两次主持APEC会议的领导人|Y^_gV40t!M9。”阿迪布是咨询公司Bower Group Asia的负责人i^%=kd1E7OalF,;,Qg-u
Wong Chin Huat是马来西亚神威大学的政治学家和教授1vAkIBZP6)]K*)J。他说,马哈蒂尔确实希望安瓦尔成为总理,但安瓦尔待位时间越长,马哈蒂尔就越力不从心6D(8qA%gb[*y6y-