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Japanese Billionaire Gives Away $9 Million in 'Social Experiment'
A Japanese businessman is giving away $9 million to his followers on social media in what he is calling a "social experiment." He hopes to see whether the money increases people's overall happiness.
Yusaku Maezawa will give $9,000 to 1,000 followers chosen at random from people who retweeted his January 1 message on Twitter. The money's effect on the winners will be studied over time through questionnaires.
"It's a serious social experiment," said the businessman on YouTube, adding that he hopes it will interest both researchers and economists.
Yusaku Maezawa rose to fame in the Japanese fashion industry at an early age. He became rich thanks to Zozotown, a website that specializes in clothing sales.
Maezawa is known for his high spending on art and sports cars but also his love for sharing ideas, like a world without money. In addition, he was chosen to be the first private passenger to fly around the moon with Elon Musk's SpaceX.
With his giveaway, Maezawa hopes to spread the idea of basic income, or the theory of giving periodic payments to all citizens. The idea has gained attention in some political circles, even in the United States. A leading supporter is businessman Andrew Yang, a candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.
"Basic means a regular minimum amount offering a sense of security. What Maezawa is offering is totally different," said Toshihiro Nagahama. He is an economist with the Dai-ichi Life Research Institute.
Maezawa said that since he "has the money and free time" to make the payments, he is trying to fuel a debate in Japan over the value of a basic income.
The idea of a universal basic income has gained support because of fears that technology will replace large numbers of jobs. But for now, that concern is not as big an issue in Japan with its low unemployment rate, said Nagahama.
This is the second, larger, giveaway by Maezawa. In November, he got $900 million from the sale of his online fashion business.
Maezawa now has seven million Twitter followers. His tweets are an interesting mix of subjects, including his pricy purchases and thoughts on the meaning of life. He also recently made news headlines after his split from actress girlfriend Ayame Goriki.
These days, he can also be found on YouTube, sharing things like a look into his private plane and a visit to the barber shop to get his hair colored. He even shared a video of him working on his finances after the November sale of his company.
The debate over basic income comes as income inequality continues to grow in the United States. In recent years, some very wealthy Americans have promised to give away most of their wealth. They include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett.
I'm Alice Bryant.


1.social media 社交媒体


We have all witnessed the power of social media.

2.barber shop 理发店


My grandpa brought me to a barber shop nearby and I must say the place is quite nice.

3.basic income 基本收入


Access to social grants for all who have on basic income.

4.give away 赠送


We gave away a silly goal.

5.He told a Philippine radio station that some people were "panicking" from the volcano and felt the need to stay to take care of their farms.

take care of 照顾


They leave it to the system to try and take care of the problem
You have to learn to take care of your possessions.

6.In recent years, some very wealthy Americans have promised to give away most of their wealth.

In recent years 近年来


India has witnessed many political changes in recent years.
In recent years commercial, cultural, travel and other contacts have proliferated between Europe and China.



前泽友作(Yusaku Maezawa)将从1月1日转发其推文的用户中随机抽取1000名粉丝,向他们赠送9000美元S7huc-C3mm_gk。这笔钱对中奖者的影响将通过问卷调查来研究*R|iCikW|*yN1
前泽友作以在艺术品和跑车方面的一掷千金而闻名,但他也喜欢分享创意,如没有物欲的世界K_89F@I9)8=ULUfk^Nr。此外,他还被选为首位与埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)的SpaceX一起绕月飞行的私人乘客[U!Pqi7z[a


通过“在线撒钱”,前泽友作希望传播基本收入的概念,或定期向所有公民支付(资金)的理论B4wJIf9R6fMZ~。这个理念吸引了一些政界人士的注意,甚至在美国也不例外=29JtbA5_7ubc。一位主要的支持者是商人杨安泽(Andrew Yang),他是民主党总统提名的候选人3n0DqG3)VbH~q0G7xB
“基本是指提供安全感的固定最低金额G1BSBGLH[WT。而前泽友作提供的是完全不同的,”长滨敏弘(Toshihiro Nagahama)说道Y;%hoqke3vV#W^p#i。他是日本第一生命研究所的经济学家]Z@txj),~~VABzxlRW
前泽友作如今的推特拥有700万粉丝!3HH8Oeo9vsM5bUD。他的推特是一个有趣的话题组合,包括他的大手笔消费以及对生命意义的思考%T0Tzq#BmA%~。最近,他与演员女友刚力彩芽(Ayame Goriki)分手后,也成为了新闻头条wHe-5mIjKRP