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Vietnamese Migrants’ Earnings Build Mansions Back Home
Vietnam's "Billionaire Village" does not sound like a place people would want to leave. However, at least three of the 39 victims found in the back of a truck in Britain last week were from there. They left to seek work and good pay.
A billion Vietnamese dong is worth about $43,000 U.S. dollars. That amount of money can buy a lot in rural Vietnam.
Many migrants from Vietnam send their earnings home to family. In the northern-central Vietnamese town of Do Thanh, migrant money has built some huge and beautiful homes for relatives living there.
"Seventy to 80 percent of the villas here have been built with remittances," said Nguyen Van Ha. He is chairman of the rural rice-farming community in Nghe An province.
"If you work in Vietnam earning dong, it would take a long time to build a big house like this," Ha said, pointing to the large houses near the town government building.
In Do Thanh, remittance money sent to Roman Catholic families even paid for a large, costly church.
Many of the other victims found in the truck are believed to have come from outside the town, in the surrounding area of Yen Thanh. Nineteen-year-old Bui Thi Nhung is believed to be among the dead. She left messages on social media documenting her trip through Europe in the days before she got in the truck.
The vehicle was found near London, a top city for Vietnamese migrants. The incident has brought greater attention to the dangers of trafficking people from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to the West.
Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Cuong told Reuters on Tuesday that the nationality of the victims had not been officially been confirmed. He said Vietnam and Britain were "trying to speed up identification of the bodies."
Remittances rise
In Vietnam, a lack of jobs, environmental disasters and government pressure on Catholics are pushing people to leave.
Vietnamese migrants pay thousands of dollars to dangerous trafficking operations in order to travel to Europe. The migrants believe the money they can earn once they are there makes the trip worth the risk.
Ha, the chairman of Do Thanh, said many people from the area are living in Britain. But he added, "We have no idea what they do there to earn all this money to send back home."
The World Bank says overseas workers sent nearly $16 billion in remittances to Vietnam in 2018. That is more than two times the Southeast Asian country's trade surplus for the same period. The World Bank examination showed Vietnamese remittances had risen 130 percent over the last 10 years.
Drugs and nails
About 70 percent of Vietnamese trafficking cases in Britain between 2009 and 2016 were related to work in the illegal cannabis trade or in beauty services, Britain said last year.
Many migrants do find find legal work in Europe and the United States. They also find work closer to home in places like Japan, Taiwan and Laos.
Bui Van Diep is a metal worker. He told Reuters, "I didn't have enough money to go abroad so I went to Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) instead."
He lives in a small, home in Do Thanh. His cousin, Bui Chung, lives in a large, costly villa next door.
Bui Chung left Do Thanh for Britain in 2007. When he returned home, he built his house and started a steel trading business.
"I went from Vietnam to France legally, but from France to the UK illegally inside a container truck," said Chung. "I chose to go to the UK because the salary is very good and so many people from Do Thanh already lived there."
Chung worked in a cannabis farm in Britain. He also worked at a Vietnamese-run nail salon, where he said he earned around $640 a week.
"The Vietnamese community living there help newcomers to find jobs," Chung said. "That's why many people around here are willing to even sell their land to raise enough money to go."
Now, he believes he made a huge mistake returning home.
"I've lost a lot of money doing business here. People don't trust each other," Chung said. "I might go back to the UK."
I'm Ashley Thompson.


1.at least 至少


This jury is expected to be sequestered for at least two months.

2.go back to 返回


Should I go back to the motel and wait for you to telephone?

3.a lot of 大量的


You've caused us a lot of trouble.

4.social media 社交媒体


We have all witnessed the power of social media.

5."If you work in Vietnam earning dong, it would take a long time to build a big house like this," Ha said.

take a long time 花费很长时间


They often take a long time to die back after flowering.
Russian intelligence will take a long time to quieten the paranoia of the West.

6."We have no idea what they do there to earn all this money to send back home."

have no idea 不知道


I have no idea how he got into Iraq.
You have no idea how depressed it made me.



许多来自越南的移民将收入寄回老家Wc6L|P6yZQV@。在越南中北部的Do Thanh镇,移民的钱用来为当地的亲人建造了豪宅suGdaPyy4zwSe|KUQ[.1
Nguyen Van Ha表示:“这里70%到80%的豪宅都是用(国外)汇款建起来的wnc;~R@xIJQuQU+S(s7。”他是义安省农村水稻种植社区的主任B.Q0m(],]#lWA%4
“如果你在越南工作,收入是越南盾,那建这种豪宅要花很长时间,”Nguyen Van Ha指着镇政府大楼附近的豪宅说道APz_G_K+4jc)WD==r&
在Do Thanh镇,罗马天主教家庭用收到的汇款甚还建起了一座造价不菲的大教堂#r9]gQoTnEC+


在卡车中发现的许多其他遇难者来自镇外的Yen Thanh周边地区CLe_Juw7Qk_+;~。据信,19岁的Bui Thi Nhung是其中一员J08s2,+,Pw|0n#。她在上车前的几天里,曾在社交媒体上记录了她的欧洲之旅lNJJdjBY3y]J*.ny,_i
越南外交部副部长Nguyen Quoc Cuong周二对路透社表示,遇难者的国籍尚未得到官方确认x5,G!zGO3]+P~。他说,越南和英国正在“努力加快遗体的鉴定”VT2XmAtbqiJ[
Do Thanh镇的主任Nguyen Van Ha表示,该地区的很多居民都定居在英国Dzi.KYE2-SWh。但他补充说,“我们不清楚他们在那里的职业,能赚这么多钱寄回家soErwdqciu。”
Bui Van Diep是一名金属工人]e.+OR-dbc|E-f。他告诉路透社,“我筹不到那么多钱出国,所以我去西贡((胡志明市)打工j.uwd0%Q4N#。”
他住在Do Thanh镇的一栋小房子里Nw=%o0(Di2LI%M)I。而他的堂兄Bui Chung住在隔壁一幢豪华大别墅内AR,oIDt#gN(o3o
2007年,Bui Chung离开Do Thanh镇前往英国7l7CpzOKscWm1@q94S。回乡后,他自己盖了座豪宅,并开始从事钢铁贸易业务8C(%a!8H1@
“我通过合法程序从越南前往法国,但是从法国通过集装箱卡车的非法途径进入英国,”Bui Chung说道dKum[~G;tZ37d|B~R。“我之所以选择去英国,是因为当地薪水高,而且那里已经有很多从Do Thanh镇离开的人HQrSCa2]Wd~*x。”
Bui Chung在英国的一家大麻农场工作^;=s]qj1H=!D。他还在一家越南经营的美甲沙龙工作,他说自己每周能赚约640美元rhVKzTaP@kW
“当地的越南社区会帮助新来的人找工作,”Bui Chung说道n3yA9prko23UV。“这就是为什么很多人愿意卖掉土地来筹钱去国外|9C[W#5L+q。”
Bui Chung表示,“我在家乡做生意赔了很多钱-wN4B~wU0=STk。大家彼此不信任JOz;~xq]cd5i|cG~2P。我可能还会回到英国65#rqgSWw_bk~z3f0;w2。”