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N. Korea Launches Missiles, US Seizes Ship for Violating Sanctions
The United States says it has seized a North Korean ship that was used to violate international sanctions. The incident was announced hours after North Korea fired what appeared to be two short-range, or distance, missiles on Thursday.
The "Wise Honest" is North Korea's second largest cargo ship. It was used to transport North Korean coal to China, Russia and other countries.
American officials said it was detained during an April 2018 stop in Indonesia. The ship will be moved to American Samoa in the Pacific. Officials made the announcement just hours after North Korea fired the missiles. But they said the announcement was not related to the missile launch.
North Korean missile launch
South Korean officials said the weapons launched on Thursday traveled 420 kilometers and 270 kilometers before falling into the sea.
It was the second weapons launch from North Korea in five days. It came as U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun visits South Korea. North Korea has also withdrawn from talks about its nuclear program with the U.S. since a meeting in Vietnam.
"North Korea seemed to be discontented it could not reach a deal in Hanoi," South Korean President Moon Jae-in told broadcaster KBS. He was speaking of the February meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump.
In the KBS interview, Moon also warned North Korea of the risk of a misunderstanding that could result from its actions. He said the South will explore ways to help bring back nuclear talks, including providing food aid to the North and pushing for a fourth meeting between Kim and Moon.
What does Kim want?
Yang Uk, a top research fellow at the Korea Defense and Security Forum spoke to Reuters. He said about North Korea, "I believe they will keep escalating by using what appear to be short-range missiles, something that will not cause the U.S. to react right away."
Harry Kazianis is with the Center for the National Interest in Washington. He said the new launches could only worsen the growing tensions. "North Korea has now made it clear it will not halt developing other parts of its military capabilities that threaten the region," he said.
Cha Du Hyeogn is a visiting scholar at Seoul's Asan Institute for Policy Studies. He said North Korea is pressuring South Korea to turn away from the United States and support North Korea's position more strongly.
Cha added that by firing weapons that threaten South Korea but not the U.S., North Korea could be testing the Americans without causing the collapse of the nuclear talks.
The U.S. response
A U.S. Defense Department spokesman said after the new tests: "We're aware of the reports and monitoring."
Trump and his administration did not appear to express serious concern over the tests. Over the weekend, Trump wrote on Twitter that he believes a deal could be reached with Kim.
The February meeting in Vietnam between Trump and Kim ended early without an agreement. The U.S. said Kim was only willing to give up North Korea's main nuclear structure at Yongbyon – instead of complete denuclearization. The North Korean leader also demanded that all sanctions against his country be ended.
Trump said at the time, "Basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn't do that."
The United States and the United Nations increased sanctions on North Korea in 2017, after the country carried out a series of nuclear and ballistic missile tests. The sanctions have created economic difficulties for North Korea.
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1.international sanctions 国际制裁


International sanctions were beginning to take effect.

2.carried out 实施


Forensic experts carried out a painstaking search of the debris.

3.a series of 一系列的


A series of technical foul-ups delayed the launch of the new product.

4.serious concern 严重关切


The European Union had previously expressed "serious concern" about the use of force in the election.


5."North Korea seemed to be discontented it could not reach a deal in Hanoi,"

reach a deal 达成协议


Greece is unlikely to reach a deal this month with its creditors.
America and the EU have been trying to reach a deal which would eliminate the need to double-test many products.


6.North Korea has now made it clear it will not halt developing other parts of its military capabilities that threaten the region," he said.

made it clear 明确解释


They made it clear who is now running the show.
She made it clear that under no circumstances would she cancel the trip.



“Wise Honest”号是朝鲜第二大货船,它被用来将朝鲜的煤炭运往中国、俄罗斯等国家qqh~uN&GhVNg


韩国国防与安全论坛的高级研究员Yang Uk接受了路透社的采访vrH=~IWS9nFd.sEF。他谈到朝鲜时表示:“我认为,他们会利用疑似短程导弹让事件逐步升级,此举并不会让美方立即做出反应i3WvXGFS@eR1=。”
Harry Kazianis在华盛顿国家利益中心任职ZtOEVDNETh+H#BDNz。他说,朝鲜最新发射活动只会恶化日益紧张的局势Ouk6,B)b.CGOaaa。他说:“朝鲜现已明确表明,不会停止发展威胁该地区的其它军事能力hAQosi&^i7lcX=,]z。”
Cha Du Hyeogn是首尔牙山政策研究所的访问学者m4,juo=gb%2c@oy。他说,朝鲜正在向韩国施压,要求其与美国划清界限,以及更加支持朝鲜的立场ZH8fL(Q82;U-dJK,.1
Cha Du Hyeogn补充说,朝鲜通过发射武器威胁韩国而不是美国,或旨在不导致核谈判破裂的前提下试探美国R]Wc4TsJcUISCxm&UlJ