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Deaths of Indonesian Election Officials Lead to Talk of Changes
You might have heard that more than 300 election workers died during Indonesia's recent presidential and legislative election. The deaths were blamed on conditions related to exhaustion -- the state of being tired, either mentally or physically.
One of those who died was Umar Madi, a 64-year-old election official in West Java. His job was to keep watch on the voting and count ballots.
His daughter Evi Erwiyati said that a stroke was listed as the official cause of death. But her father also suffered from heart conditions that, at the time, were under control. She noted, "My mother would bring him medications, but he didn't stop working. He was happy to do it."
Arief Priyo Susanto is an official with Indonesia's General Elections Commission, known as the KPU. He confirmed the number of deaths to VOA. He said, "Generally, [the cause] is exhaustion." More than 2,000 election workers also reportedly became sick.
News of the deaths came as a shock to many Indonesians. The April 17 vote was the first time Indonesia held both presidential and legislative elections at the same time. The first democratic presidential election took place in 2004.
This year as many as 193 million people voted at more than 810,000 voting stations nationwide. Early "quick count" election results show the current president, Joko Widodo, leading his opponent, former military commander Prabowo Subianto.
Titi Anggraini is the executive director of the monitoring group Association for Elections and Democracy. She said the $35 that Umar Madi was paid for monitoring the elections and counting the ballots by hand is not enough. She added that having both presidential and legislative elections at the same time was partly responsible for the deaths of so many officials.
This year, the KPU lowered the minimum age for elections officials from 25 to 17. It also reduced the number of voters permitted in a single voting center. These rules were meant to reduce the workload for each election official.
Yet as Titi noted, "it made no difference, since there are also problems with insufficient ballots, and the number of political parties and representatives went up as well."
Arief of the KPU told VOA the most the government pays for relatives of the fallen officials is about $2,100. On April 23, the health ministry told hospitals and other health centers to give the greatest care to the sick officials.
Concerns over holding the presidential and legislative elections on the same day have led to talk of changes in future votes.
Ace Hasan Syadzily is a spokesman for Joko Widodo's election campaign team. He said "We have to evaluate the simultaneous elections, especially with regards to the execution."
Speaking to reporters, he expressed sympathy for the election workers who died. He said, "I think {these officials} are a warrior of democracy."
The KPU will finish the vote counting process on May 22.
I'm Jonathan Evans.


1.suffered from 忍受


I suffered from severe bouts of depression

2.as well


He should pay and maintain you as well.

3.under control 得到控制


Firemen said they had the blaze under control.

4.give care to 留意;注意


You should give more care to your study.


5.She added that having both presidential and legislative elections at the same time was partly responsible for the deaths of so many officials.

at the same time 同时


It's impossible to get everybody together at the same time.
We can't hold the two meetings at the same time; we must stagger them.


6.His job was to keep watch on the voting and count ballots.

keep watch on 监督


We need to keep watch on anyone he might contact for help.
They make the dogs with special training keep watch on the sheep at night.



西爪哇64岁的选举官员马迪(Umar Madi)是死者之一o3%j7t+2|9laSVapD。他的工作是监督投票和计票&4mnPpi=3x
他的女儿埃维埃尔维亚蒂(Evi Erwiyati)说,虽然官方公布的死因是中风D@F|PJq!QOMF4E@0。但她的父亲同时患有心脏病,只是当时病情得到了控制4Kx8UQ[swzX0k9[%+。她说:“我妈妈会给他带药,但他依旧没有停止工作76b+=sxYSi-aOo0L。他很乐意做这份工作KSF)!J+N*&N4=SP。”
阿里夫·苏珊托(Arief Priyo Susanto)是印尼大选委员会(KPU)的官员9Fu&3[125IDA&H,=&.f。他向美国之音证实了死亡人数|e!9OI+jKkiRSdAA+P*。他说,“总的来说,(死因)是疲劳0*JTqHsBvzOj=v[。”据报道,还有2000多名选举工作人员抱恙9QEy3+_l#clL)mPgd[


今年,全国共有81万多个投票站的1.93亿选民参加了投票O!7M2S4e+]。早期“快速计票”的选举结果显示,现任总统佐科·维多多(Joko Widodo)领先于对手、前军事指挥官普拉博沃·苏比安托(Prabowo Subianto)C!=|J]|Exw^pf102F3
Titi Anggraini是选举与民主监督组织协会的执行董事D0Z2.xFv4r^。她说,负责监督选举和手动计票的马迪仅得35美元是不够的[XZwZ-&Y(Y)8dl。她补充说,同时举行总统和议会选举是造成如此多官员死亡的部分原因q8a%A*n@5_-XEh1cOw
亚斯(Ace Hasan Syadzily)是佐科·维多多竞选团队的发言人(=m|u-Rr2Ce。他说:“我们必须评估同时举行的选举,尤其是执行方面)T8EKFJoEY%[liP。”