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With a history of tensions between the United States and its neighbour Cuba, there aren’t many Americans who can speak about visiting Cuba and meeting the Cuban leader. But Bill Richardson has some stories to tell. He is a former governor of New Mexico who served in Bill Clinton’s administration. He was sent to Havana as an envoy a few times to meet Fidel Castro.
Well the strongest memories are the two very lengthy meetings we had in the late 80s and 90s when I was trying to get some political prisoners out of Cuba and also trying to better the US-Cuba relationship. But obviously he is a historic figure, good and bad, but a major player, cold war icon… You know, all these memories started streaming through when I found out about his death.




I understand that for all the differences between you and him, you did have something in common.
We did. It was baseball. We both spoke Spanish. We connected personally. You know, he’d get mad at me periodically but on baseball, I remember telling him I went to see a game in Havana. It was a high scoring game but their pitching was a little week. And he didn’t like that. But I quickly changed my tone because I was trying to get some political prisoners out. And he kind of smiled. But it was a way we connected personally. He was a very interesting character sort of a Renaissance man. But at the same time he had this very strong repressive tendencies I’d say. “You know, Fidel, you got to do more on human rights.” “My God,” he said, “what do you mean human rights? What are you talking about?” I said, “Well, you’ve got thousands of political prisoners”. And he said back to me, “no, I don’t have any of them. They are all enemies, criminals of the state”.
Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico.
For more of an insight into the Cuban leader’s routes, our former Havana correspondent Sarah Rainsford who’s now in Moscow visited the estate in the far east of the island where Fidel Castro was born and grew up.
This is where Fidel’s life began. This is the farm that he grew up on. And the first thing you notice about it is he was obviously from a pretty wealthy family. His father was a Spanish immigrant. He began as a laborer for the American company setting up plantations here. But he soon began acquiring land of his own. And the area we’re just heading into now under the huge trees here was the family estate.


1. speak about 谈论; 提到…
例:A poet and artist is coming to speak about Chinese literature and painting tomorrow afternoon.
2. major player 主要参与者; 主要角色; 主要选手; 重量级人物
例:Big business has become a major player in the art market
3. found out about 找出; 弄清有关…的情况; 调查关于……
例:I hope we can find out about it.
4. for all 尽管;虽然
例:For all my experience, I blew a fuse in the quarter-final and could have been sent off.
5. Renaissance man (在艺术、科学等方面)有广泛兴趣和相当修养的文人;文艺复兴式的人物;博学之士,博学多才的人,知识渊博的人,多才多艺的人
例:Is it better to be a Renaissance man or woman and be good at a lot of different things or to be laser-focused and really great at one specific thing?