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Indian films and TV programmes are hugely popular in Pakistan. But as a result of growing tensions between the two south Asian neighbours, Pakistan has imposed a complete ban on TV and radio content from over the border. The authorities have raided shops selling satellite equipment which can be used to watch the highly popular Indian soap operas and films.
The government has announced a blanket ban on any Indian content that includes soap operas,music and Bollywood films to be shown on any TV channels whether it is on cable, on satellite dishes or on FM radio or the other radio. So it’s a complete ban which was triggeredby heightened military tensions between the two countries and then as the first India bannedPakistani actors who were working in Bollywood or Indian films, they were actually asked to leave the country. All Indian content is now banned in Pakistan.



And what’s the reaction to this in Pakistan? Are people missing the music?
We have been talking to people on streets. Most of them, you know, first you should know that Indian content, whether it’s films or music, is very very popular in Pakistan. Any household which has a television set do watch or listen to Indian movies or dramas or music. So people are a bit surprised, as well because initially the government said that the ban would be partial for about 6% of the Indian content would be allowed. Now they have put a complete ban, Pakistanis do want to listen to Indian content, they do want to watch Indian movies and music. So they are kind of upset.
In Syria, the UN has been forced to abandon plans to evacuate wounded civilians from Alepo. The UN had wanted to take advantage of a temporary truce declared on Thursday by Syrian and Russian forces, which has now been extended until Saturday evening. The spokesman for the UN Human Rights Commission told the BBC the situation inside the city was dire.
Alepo is just horrendous. And the conditions are just unbearable. And you know, everyone can see that. Everyone knows that, and yet you know there is very little we can do from outside.
More details from our defense and diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus.
The temporary pause of the Russian and Syrian air operations in and around Alepo is holding. But it is not led to the hope for evacuation of injured civilians or the departure as demanded by Moscow of the Al Qaida linked fighters in the eastern part of the city.




1. impose a ban on… 对……实施禁令;强行禁止
例:Greece became one of the first markets to impose a ban on short-selling, starting from Tuesday, a common tactic from the 2008 financial crisis.
2. blanket ban 全面禁止
例:There's already a blanket ban on foreign unskilled labour in Japan.
3. soap opera 肥皂剧
例:After watching a soap opera, I am very touched.
4. satellite dish 圆盘式卫星电视天线
例:The coded signal is received by satellite dish aerials.
5. FM radio 调频收音机;调频广播
例:On the start screen, scroll to music, click radio, and then click FM radio.