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It’s one of Britain’s most famous landmarks. It’s 150 years old and it’s becoming uninhabitable. A report has recommended that MPs move out of the British Houses of Parliament so a huge restoration project can be carried out. Our political correspondent Ian Watson has been to investigate some of the crumbling parts of the building.
On the outside, the Palace of Westminster looks as majestic as ever. I’m now going into the very bowels of the building as I weed through dust encrusted stairs. Immediately the atmosphere changes. The temperature goes up several degrees. So lurking down here in the basement is Chris Bryant the labor MP who’s been on the committee that’s decided that MPs have to move out for six years.
I am not lurking. The truth is side by side you’ve got high pressure steam central heating system. There’s some cables down there which seem to be going nowhere. That might be David Cameron’s telephones just been cut off by Theresa May. And what happened in 1934 was that there was a massive fire. And the real danger is that that would happen again.
And his fellow committee member still rejected criticism that four billion pounds would be spent on a mere facelift.
This is about the arteries and veins and major organs of something that is so important toour national identity.
Ian Watson reporting from Westminster.



“Enjoy yourself!” One of the classics of Jamaican singer Prince Buster whose death has been announced. He was 78 years old and died at his home in Florida. The songs he recorded in early 1960s inspired a revival of ska music in Britain two decades later with bands like Madness and The Specials covering his songs. In 2001, Prince Buster, the man born as Cecil Campbell who became a self-proclaimed King of ska was awarded the Order of Distinction in Jamaica for his contribution to the development of the country’s music industry. So let’s end the podcast with some more of Prince Buster.
Air pollution is now the forth biggest killer in the world, causing one in ten deaths. That’s the finding of a new report by the World Bank which has called for urgent action to tackle the problem. It says the cost to the global economy amounts to more than 200 billion dollars. I’ve been talking to one of the authors.


1. MP 国会议员(Member of Parliament)
例:An MP in India has refused the gift of a bottle of alcohol for Diwali, saying it "has no place in my life".
2. Houses of Parliament 英国的国会大厦
例:“We are all Tigers now,” claimed one British-born, well-educated Tamil protester outside the Houses of Parliament in London this week.
3. On the outside 在外面;外部地
例:They often leave prison ill-equipped for life and work on the outside.
4. Side by side 并肩;一起;并排
例:We're usually working side by side with the men.
5. Amount to 相当于,总计为
例:The total sales of the company didn't amount to more than a few million dollars.

《玩得开心》是刚刚过世的牙买加歌手普林斯·巴斯特的经典歌曲之一[-oN9=935-4wbseBt%tr。他在佛罗里达家中去世,享年78岁i!dyi)37q.!。录制于20世纪60年代的歌曲激发了20年后英国斯卡音乐的复兴,疯狂乐队和特别乐队等纷纷翻唱他的歌曲]FaEK.]N@lwbHT8。普林斯·巴斯特原名塞西尔·坎贝尔,自称斯卡之王,凭借对牙买加音乐发展的贡献荣获 “Order of Distinction”称号(牙买加荣誉系统中第六级称号)@@IKFyGicuP_c。那么让我们在普林斯·巴斯特的更多音乐作品中结束本次播客8fE[9~*=wY