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At least 25 people have been killed in a huge fire that broke out on Saturday at a packaging factory in Bangladesh. A further 17 people were reported to have been injured in the blaze in an industrial complex in Tongi north of the capital Dhaka. I asked our south Asiaeditor what happened.
It was early morning so a night shift was just ending. Workers were arriving for the day shift. And apparently, there was a tremendous explosion, a blast which was, it seems as wasa boiler exploding. That caused a fire. It spread throughout this four-storey building very rapidly with many workers it seems trapped inside. The BBC sent this report from the scene of the fire.
More than 100 factory workers were inside when the explosion took place. It was such a powerful explosion. And some local people thought it was a, the vibrating was so powerful thatthey thought it was a powerful earthquake. Many people are believed to be still trapped inside. Some 100 firefighters have joined to rescue the operation. And police also said after six hours they have somehow successfully managed to control the fire. It will take hours totackle to whole situation.
What’s the situation now?
Well, one of the difficulties for the emergency services in trying to put out the blaze isthat this was a packaging factory. A lot of plastic material, a lot of flammable materials and apparently chemical has been stored there, as well. So they’ve been fighting this blazeall day. It seemed to reignite. And it’s expected it’s gonna take much of the night as well to try and deal with this. And until they are on top of the blaze, it’s hard for them to clear the area and make sure that people who are currently unaccounted for are safe. Part of the building has already collapsed and it’s feared that the other part may also collapse.




More generally, the safety record of factories in Bangladesh is pretty poor, isn’t it?
Absolutely, and it’s been discussed that this is the worst loss of life. There have been changes partly I think it’s because there’s been a huge international response of people putting pressure on international companies particularly in the government sector saying you have to take more responsibility for the way things are produced in Bangladesh. There’s also been pressure to make sure that there are codes of conduct and that there’s better inspection. And also the law has come into play in a way that many people didn’t expect it to.Just a year ago we saw more than forty officials now are on trial. And they faced chargesof murder which people didn’t think they would. So a census has been taken more seriously.There’s clearly still a lot more to be done.


1. Industrial complex 大工业中心
例:About 800 South Korean workers and their supervisors entered the jointly operated Kaesong Industrial Complex.
2. On top of 驾驭,控制着,掌握着;熟练掌握;对…很熟悉,对…很了解
例:We like to keep on top of things.
3. It is feared that 人们担心
例:It is feared that a similar epidemic will soon reach the shores of Europe
4. Come into play 起作用
例:Here is where you attitudes will come into play.
5. On trial 在试验中;在受审
例:He was on trial for theft.