BBC双语新闻讲解附字幕: YouTube或将支付音乐人更多费用
日期:2016-10-22 15:26





The music industry has long criticized YouTube and other video sites for failing to pay enough for the content it produces. But that could change at least in Europe. Under a proposed EU directive, YouTube could be forced to pay more for musicians and record companies. We heard more from our business reporter Chris Johnston.
The directive is aimed at reforming copy right law quite broadly and YouTube obviously fallsunder that. The music industry is upset because they think that Google which owns YouTube is not paying its fare share for hosting music and not paying as much as the streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. So they just want Google to be giving more back to their revenue streams. That will mean simply Google having to cough up more funding. How that’s actually going to work, we don’t know yet.
And how far would what’s in this current directive go towards making the music industry and the musicians happy?
They’ll be happy when YouTube starts paying them more basically. It’s a slightly different business model. YouTube works by selling advertising and then they distribute that to all oftheir rights holders whereas the streaming platforms pay a small amount each time somebody plays one of their songs. Google’s argument is that they’ve expanded the industry by creating a revenue steam that didn’t exit before. They admit that things are not perfect but they said they want to work with the industry.
And it’s not just about music, is it? News publishers could also stand to benefit.
That’s right. Yes. So I mean Google also is implicated here because of aggregators such asGoogle News. What the European Commission is proposing is that platforms like Google News should have to pay for the rights to show news on platforms such as Google News or...
How far away are we from that?
Well, it could be months or even years because these have to be approved by the European parliament and then by each member state in the EU. So it could take months. It could take years.
Chris Johnston.



The taxi service Uber has launched driverless cars in the streets of Pittsburg making self-driving vehicles really available to the US public for the first time. A fleet of cars equipped with lasers, cameras and other sensors will steer themselves to pick up passengers andnegotiate the traffic.
I have to say it was a bit underwhelming. The car drives very safely. It didn’t do anything terribly complicated. It didn’t merge onto a freeway. It didn’t deal with a four-way stop where there is a car at each…you know, on each…at each stop sign.


1. EU directive 欧盟指令
例:Thanks to a new EU directive, insecticide labelling will be more specific.
2. Be aimed at针对;旨在;以…为目的
例:Criticism should be aimed at helping those criticized.
3. Cough up咳出;认罪;勉强说出(某事);掏出
例:I'll have to cough up$ 10,000 a year for tuition
4. Rights holder权限持有者
例:The FIA and the commercial rights holder have campaigned to divide Fota.
5.European Commission欧盟委员会,简称欧委会,是欧洲联盟的常设执行机构,也是欧盟唯一有权起草法令的机构rn-IK0u][wFS4*UGe)%
例:The powers of the European Commission to regulate competition are increasing