BBC双语新闻讲解附字幕:芝加哥警方问责透明度遭公众质疑 前葡萄牙首相或问鼎下届联合国秘书长之位
日期:2016-08-13 01:37







BBC News, hello, I am Nick Kelly. The opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is taking place at the Maracana Stadium. The organized is hoping to lift the spirits of a nation that has been struggling with economic and political crisis. Our correspondent Ed Harry is in the stadium and he joins us now. The athletes’ parade is underway after an opening hour which began as a musical history of Brazil, but which culminated with a stark warning a party being ended with projection showing rising temperatures and sea levels. The athletes now have entered the auditorium, being presented as a part of the solution to that, each being presented with a seed and a cartridge. And those 11,000 seeds will form the athlete forest in Deodoro, a legacy to the city of Rio de Janeiro. And there will be 270 species, one for each of delegations taking part in these games. The South Sudanese government has agreed to allow in a regional military force to try to solve the peace deal. The agreement has been under threats since fighting between forces loyal to the president and his deputy killed hundreds in the capital Juba last month. Our Africa editor James Corpuno reports. President Salva Kiir and his supporters had strongly resisted the idea of the new international force in South Sudan. Last month, the President said he wouldn’t allow a single solider in. Now he’s changed his mind under considerable regional and international pressure. However, much still remains unclear. The regional body EGETS says the force will protect civilians and implement the peace deal. But the South Sudanese minister said most of the details, including the number of troops and the exact mandate, have not yet been agreed on. Officials in the U.S. city of Chicago have released video footage showing the moments before the police shot dead an unarmed black man after a dramatic car chase last week. It’s the first time video captured by police cameras has been released so swiftly under a new city policy promising greater transparency. The moment of Paul O’Neal’s death was not captured. Police said there was a camera fault. Ja'Mal Green, an activist and spokesman for the O’Neal family, called on the Chicago police department to do more to hold officers accountable. We want a relationship with the police department. But things have to change, the training has to change, holding officers accountable, it has to change. When an officer does wrong, they have to be held accountable. And then people would start taking the Chicago police department seriously and we can bridge that gap. The coalition of Syrian Islamist rebel group say that fighters have stormed the arterial base in the northern city of Aleppo. The base is a key objective of a rebel offensive aimed at breaking the government siege of eastern Aleppo where a quarter of a million of civilians were trapped. The Syrian army said it’d repelled the assault, inflicting heavy casualties. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the part of the base had been captured. World news from the BBC. United Nations diplomats say the former prime minister of Portugal António Guterres has again topped the Security Council’s informal poll to find the next UN secretary general. They say Mr. Guterres slightly extended his lead over his ten remaining rivals from last month first secret vote. The Colombia government and left-wing FARC rebels have taken another step towards ending more than a half century of conflict. They agreed to a timetable and a UN supervised process for disarming thousands of guerrillas. Will Grant reports. In these last stages of the deal, it seems the final details are proving difficult. The two sides have announced more information about the 23 transit trade zones in eight camps that the FARC fighters will be moved to once they demobilize. There were also details on the process of laying down arms. Specifically that it will be done in three phases over a period of five months. The entire process will be verified by a political mission of non-armed observers from the UN. The decommissioned weapons will then be destroyed and the metal used to create three sculptures to the victims of the conflict. The American Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has resigned from Panamanian commission, investigating the lack of transparency in the country’s financial system. Mr. Stiglitz said the investigation itself was not transparent. The Swiss anti-corruption expert Mark Piece also resigned. He said the Panamanian government would not give enough guarantee to publish the commission’s findings. A British band whose members died in a car crash in Sweden in February have topped the U.K. charts with their debut album. Viola Beach’s self-titled debut was compelled by the band’s families using live sessions and studio recordings. Family members thanked fans for propelling the album to number one, saying its success live longer in their memory than the pain. BBC News.





1.lift spirits v ph. 提起精神


例句:It will lift spirits in Syria, where another reformist revolt is under way.


2.change one's mind v ph.改变主意


例句:Each time lets the tear current of water change one's mind, irrigates the dream to start out the miracle.


3.hold sb accountable v ph. 让……负责


例句:I see now the Church still refuses to hold accountable bishops who endanger children.


4.bridge gap v ph. 缩短距离,缩小差距


例句:Communication helps you to bridge the gap between what you know and what you want to know.


5.lay down v ph.放下(武器等)


例句:Daniel finished the article and laid the newspaper down on his desk.




1.The opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is taking place at the Maracana Stadium.


take place 发生


例句:Many of our demonstrations could be combined or could take place in parallel with other meetings.


例句:By design, the entire page is usually in the correct output markup language by this point, so no markup conversions should take place at this level.


2.The athletes’ parade is under way after an opening hour which began as a musical history of Brazil, but which culminated with a stark warning a party being ended with projection showing rising temperatures and sea levels.


be under way 在进行中,正在开展


例句:As the urban theorist Richard Florida writes in The Great Reset, part of that process may be under way already.
正如城市理论家理查德·佛罗里达在《The Great Reset》一书中写到的那样,有部分进程已经在进行中了Bzi4IcN-!P|-V


例句:While data ranging from home sales to factory activity have been fairly upbeat, indications are that consumers will play a limited role in the recovery, widely believed to be under way.







  • implementn. 工具,器具; 当工具的物品 vt. 实施,执行;
  • confirmedadj. 习惯的,积习的,确认过的,证实的 动词conf
  • currentn. (水、气、电)流,趋势 adj. 流通的,现在的,
  • organizedv. 组织
  • objectiveadj. 客观的,目标的 n. 目标,目的; 物镜 n.
  • legacyn. 祖先传下来之物,遗赠物 adj. [计算机]旧系统
  • starkadj. 僵硬的,完全的,严酷的,荒凉的,光秃秃的 ad
  • considerableadj. 相当大的,可观的,重要的
  • limitedadj. 有限的,被限制的 动词limit的过去式和过去
  • guaranteen. 保证,保证书,担保,担保人,抵押品 vt. 保证,