BBC双语新闻讲解附字幕:奥巴马抨击特朗普不配做总统 埃及裔诺贝尔化学奖得主离世
日期:2016-08-06 14:14







This is the BBC News. Hello, I'm Nick Kelly. President Barack Obama has made a scathing attack on the republican candidate Donald Trump, saying he is unfit to serve his president. He also questioned why the Republican Party is continuing to support Mr. Trump's candidacy. Antony Zac reports from Washington. The president took this opportunity to offer this slashing criticism as Mr. Trump is embroiled in an ongoing feud with the parents of a Muslim American soldier killed in the Iraq war. The real target of Mr. Obama's comments, however, may be the leaders of the Republican Party who condemned their nominee's recent controversies in one breath, but stand by their endorsements of him in the next. There has to come a point at which you say enough, the president said. That hasn't happened yet. But with each new Trump-related political fire storm, Mr. Obama is more than happy to make them the old heat. Mr. Trump hit back accusing Mr. Obama of failed leadership. The head of the Democratic national committee in the United States has resigned. Amy Dacey’s decision to step down comes in the wake of thousands of leaked email suggesting the Democratic Party’s establishment deliberately undermine the campaign of Hilary Clinton's former rival Bernie Sanders for the presidential nomination. A car bomb in the Libyan city of Benghazi has killed at least 18 people and wounded many others. The bombing comes the day after the first US air strikes in support of the Libyan government's offensive against a theater, a stronghold of the Islamic State group. Ronge Joewa is in Tripoli. The bombing targeted the headquarters of the 146th brigade, a security force that has been engaged in fighting against Islamic militias in the city. Dozens were killed and injured. The blast was near a petrol station and a residential district of Benghazi. There is recently the scene of heavy fighting. The Benghazi Revolutionary Insure Council, also known as the BRIC, has reportedly claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. The United Nation has warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe in south Sudan. Tens of thousands of people fled with renewed violence. Armed groups have stopped many from reaching neighboring Uganda. Emigy Fox has the details. The UN described south Sudan as a massive humanitarian crisis with 1.6 million people now displaced. For those fleeing and for those who stay, violence is not the only risk. There is a cholera outbreak and severe food shortages. Children are especially vulnerable. Thousands of refugees, many of them malnourished children have arrived South Sudan's border with Uganda. The UN is gearing up to support them, but warns that the sheer number of people fleeing may outpace the capacity of aid agencies to help them. A peace deal between the government and Riek Machar broke down last month. World news from the BBC. Intense fighting is being continued around the Syrian city of Aleppo where a rebel offense is trying to break the government’s siege of opposition held areas. The latest assault also began with explosion of a huge tunnel bomb underneath Syrian army positions in southwest of Aleppo. The security forces in Columbia said they've destroyed more than a hundred cocaine laboratories in a five-day campaign. Official said the operation was part of their new strategy to target producers and traffickers of cocaine rather than the poor farmers who grow the coca plant. After numerous technical problems and a huge cost over on, the Unite States air force says the first squadron of its newest stealth fighter, Fighter the F-35 is combat-ready. Almost 2,500 planes plan to equip the air forces, navy and marines. Nearly 400 billion dollars is the Pentagon's most costly project ever. Ireland's second most senior Roman Catholic leader, the archbishop of Dublin says he will no longer send trainee priests from his archdiocese to study at national seminary after anonymous allegations of a gay culture there. Our Ireland's correspondent Chris Page reports. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said accusations were being made anonymously through letters and blogs. The president of St. Patrick's CollegeMonk Senior Hill Cornallyacknowledged the anonymous correspondent was difficult, but he said the college had new concrete details of sexual misconduct. All trainee priests are expected to live in celibacy and preparation for life and priesthood.Senior Cornallysaid that principle was not negotiable, but the college authorities could not act unless they have clarity. An Egyptian-born American Nobel winning Ahmed H.Zewail has died in the United States where he had worked for the past 40 years. He was 70. Ahmed H.Zewail won the Nobel chemistry prize in 1999. He was the first Arab scientist to win a Nobel Prize. BBC News.





1.feud n.不和,争执,仇恨


例句:They discover that they have some differences, but also that they share many things — including an utter lack of interest in keeping up the feud.


2.looming adj.即将到来的,正在逼近的,隐约可见的


例句:Another government spending crisis is looming in the United States.


3.outpace vt.赶过,超过……的速度


例句:These hovercrafts can easily outpace most boats.


4.stealth fighter n ph.隐形战斗机


例句:The photographs of the J20 jet are also likely to prompt calls for accelerated production of F35s - the US's next generation stealth fighter - to ensure air superiority.
歼20隐形战机照片的亮相,还可能迫使美国立刻加快 F35——美国的新一代隐形战斗机——的产生,以确保其空中打击的优势6qok.LZZ)%%S(w&V75


5.celibacy n.独身


例句:Particular attention has focused on celibacy, though many experts dismiss the idea that this could be a direct cause of abuse.




1.President Barack Obama has made a scathing attack on the Republican candidate Donald Trump, saying he is unfit to serve his president.


scathing adj. 严厉的,损伤的


例句:If someone excessively flatters you for a minor success, you need to internalize it the same way you would internalize a scathing insult.


例句:Republican senators were scathing in their criticism of today's hearing.


2.Thousands of refugees, many of them malnourished children, have arrived South Sudan's border with Uganda.


malnourished adj. 营养不良的,缺乏营养的


例句:About thirty percent of the country's children were malnourished.


例句:He warns people who do not have access to food and become malnourished will become too weak to fight off infections.