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Thousands of Turks, singing and waving the national flag, have turned out on the streets of the main cities in support of the government. As night fell, the main squares in Istanbul were packed with people, chanting that neither their land nor democracy could be taken away by soldiers. kessel Unadi is in Istanbul. Here in the European side of Istanbul, we have a gathering of more than thousand people, chanting in support of their president, and chanted against the coup attempt. A similar gathering of thousands of people also has been reported on the Asian side, where a confident president Erdogan appeared among the supporters, and gave a speech, saying that the military, the army, the majority of the soldiers are with the government and with him, and in response to chance from the people who were asking for the execution of those involved in the coup attempt, he said the parliament should decide about this.
Mr. Erdogan called on the United States to extradite the exile Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen who has been accused of being behind the plot. Mr. Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvinia, denies any involvement, and has denounced the coup attempt. The US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Turkish authorities must show proof of any wrongdoing by Mr. Gulen before extradiction could be considered. Close to 3,000 soldiers, including several Generals, are now in custody, following the collapse of the coup attempt. Our Turkish correspondent Mark Lowen says the events of the last 24 hours underlined the deep divisions within Turkey. The army was long the guarantor of Turkey's secular constitution, which the Islamist presdient Recep Tayyip Erdogan has largely disavowed. He is adored by his supporters, more conservative, pious Turks but loathed by his critics who point his clampdown on freedom expression and growing autocracy, constantly hiting out his opponents. The attempted coup has failed and Mr.Erdogan has rallied his supporters. Turkey's political bruiser will emerge strengthened by this, as he pins it as the survival of Turkish democracy.
The French government has called up 12,000 police reservists to help boost security after the truck attack in Nice in which more than 80 people were killed. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve also appealled to what he described as all willing French patriots to sign up its reservists. Lucy Williamson reports. The exhaustion of France security forces is a vivid sign of the nation's trauma. Three major attacks in 18 months, and a state of emergency in place across the country. The government is facing mounting criticism for not keeping its citizens secure. They say we are at war when commentator wrote this week, but we live as if we are at peace. The far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called on Mr. Cazeneuve to resign, saying that France has the means to defend itself, but that its leaders were too weak to do it. You are listening to the latest world news from the BBC.
The panel investigating the crash of Egypt Air 804 says the word 'fire' can be heard on the cockpit voice recorder. The plane was flying from Paris to Cairo when it crashed into the Medeteranean Sea last May, killing all 66 people on board. The panel, which includes French and American experts, said it was still trying to find out how and why the fire started.
Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May says Australia wants a free trade agreement with United Kingdom as soon as possible. She said Australian counterpart, Malcom Turnbull, had expressed enthusiasm for such a deal during a phone conversation. Mrs May has said her government is determined to make a success of leaving the European Union, and one way to do this, is to negotiate separate free trade packs with major partners across the world.
The Venezuela authorities have opened their border with Columbia for the second time this month, to allow people to cross over to shop for basic foods and medicines. Our American editor Candice Piatt reports. Buses have been leaving all week for the Columbian border from cities across Venezuela. 35,000 people crossed over last weekend. Officials say they expect even larger crowds this time. The crossings were closed last year on the orders of president Nicolas Maduro to fight cross-border crime. People are mainly after oil, flour, and other ingredients to make the Venezuelan staple flat bread Arepas. The country is in a severe ecnomic crisis, which many blame on government mismanagement. Many supermarket shelves are empty, and there are day long queues outside.
The first images from what will be the world's most powerful radio telescope have reviewed 1,300 new galaxies in a tiny corner of the universe, where only 70 were previously known. South Africa's MeerKAT telescope which is 600 km from Capetown, will eventually be 4 times more powerful than it is now. BBC news.




1.chant v/n.不断重复的话,反复呼喊,吟诵,圣歌


例句:He was greeted by the chant of 'Judas! Judas!'.


2.secular adj.世俗的


例句:He spoke about preserving the country as a secular state.


3.autocracy n.独裁政府,专制政府


例句:She ceded all power to her son-in-law who now runs the country as an autocracy.


4.coup n.政变,成功之举


例句:The sale is a big coup for the auction house..


5.guarantor n.保证人


例句:The United Nations will act as guarantor of the peace settlement.




1.Thousands of Turks, singing and waving the national flag, have turned out on the streets of the main cities in support of the government.


in support of 支持

例句:They decided to stay in support of the new leadership.


例句:Thank you for coming together in support of these noble goals.


2.The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve also appealled to what he described as all willing French patriots to sign up its reservists.


sign up 报名,雇用,签约

例句:He signed up as a steward with P&O Lines.


例句:He saw the song's potential, and persuaded the company to sign her up.