BBC双语新闻讲解附字幕:奥巴马呼吁国人莫对种族关系绝望 杰里米工党领袖地位或将不保
日期:2016-07-17 02:17








President Obama has urged Americans to reject despair over racial tension, saying the nation is not as divided as it seems. He was speaking at a memorial service for five Dallas policemen shot dead by a sniper who want to avenge the killing of black man by police. Mr. Obama said the police should not be stereotyped as biased or bigoted. We know that the overwhelming majority of police officers do an incredibly hard and dangerous job fairly and professionally, they are deserving our respect and not our scorn. But he said the concerns of many minority groups should be taken seriously. We can not simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest as trouble makers or paranoid. They can simply dismiss it as a symptom of political correctness or reversed racism. To have your experience denied like that, dismissed by those in the authority, dismissed perhaps even by your white friends, coworkers, fellow members again and again and again, it hurts. Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed his rival Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. At a campaign rally in New Hampshire, Mr. Sanders said he would do all he could to ensure her victory in November. He said it was vital to stop the Republican Donald from winning. Mrs. Clinton praised Senator Sanders for bringing people off the sidelines and into the political process. Britain's main opposition Labor Party has decided that the current leader Jeremy Corbyn can automatically stand for reelection in the phase of a challenge by the MP Angela Eagle. Many of Mr. Corbyn's parliamentary colleagues argue that he needed their endorsement. Only 20% of them backed him in a confidence vote last week. Robert reports. Labors bruising civil war over the party's very purpose and role in British politics has taken another term. It's a twist that seems to guarantee a showdown between the hard left of the party as represented by Jeremy Corbyn and many activists who support him in the country and the party's more moderate MPs. Last year it was a contest Mr. Corbyn easily won. His opponents hoped to doubt through his growth last year about his ability to ever be elected prime minister. Whatever the outcome, there seems certain to be a hard fought and bad tempered contest with both sides describing it as an existential struggle. The Venezuelan military has started monitoring ports and food processing plants in an effort to ease chronic shortages of basic goods. The move follows President Nicolas Maduro's announcement on Monday that the armed forces would take a leading role by distributing food, medicine and other essential supplies. World news from the BBC. The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has visited the site of a train crashed that killed 23 people in southern Italy. He promised a full investigation into how two trains came to be on the same single track in the town of Bari. The high-speed head on collision pulverized the front carriages of both trains. Some of the injured are in a critical condition. Our reporter Dan Johnson is at the scene of the crash. Now recovery effort is still going on here into the night. This is the privately run line with decent safety records so the key question is how could two trains have ended up on the same line speeding towards each other. The prime minister has promised that he will get the answers for the victims' families and for this country. The German president says his country's diplomats in Chile should have said something about the human rights violation at a secretive colony of ethnic Germans in the 1960s and 1970s. Speaking in Chile, Joachim Gauck said he deplored the atrocities committed at Colonia Dignidadbut Germany did not share responsibility. The enclave was set up by a former Nazi officer as an agricultural commune of German migrants. It was used as a torture center during the Pinochet era.The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington has asked visitors to refrain from playing the hit mobile phone game Pokemon Go on its premises. The augmented reality app allows users to hunt and catch digital creature in real life locations. The museum said it was extremely inappropriate to play Pokemon Go in memorial to victims of the Nazis. The nearby Arlington military Cemetery has made the same plea. In a surprised reversal of its original vote, the Anglican Church of Canada has narrowly approved same sex marriage after a recount. There have been scenes as despair on many of the delegates of the general senate when the gay marriage provision failed by a single vote on Monday. Reversal came about when some delegates doubted the votes have been tallied correctly. BBC news.




4d3t3u-7+[)W service n.phrase 追悼会


例句:At the memorial service, she’d even refused the folded flag offered her by the honor guard.

jf,Bz3;xJAdg.3;S stereotyped as 被窠臼化地视为……,被模式化的看作……


例句:It is worth mentioning that journalists are often stereotyped as liars.




3.turn away v ph. 离开,避开,把……拒之门外


例句:Then we will not turn away from you; revive us, and we will call on your name.
这样,我们便不退后离开你tR&Emb=Ko)R。 求你救活我们,我们就要求告你的名|09EQP@ax#iWNGGf+O3

Y[_ryeap]plszcG%f an effort to ... prep ph.为了……,企图……,试图要……


例句:Even his name is a pseudonym, all in an effort to protect his family, friends and contacts, he said.


5.end up v ph. 结束


例句:You should end up with something similar to what I have below.




1.The high-speed head on collision pulverized the front carriages of both trains.


pulverize vt. 使……成粉末,摧毁


例句:The pigment is introduced into the airbrushing gun and using low pressure the gun will pulverize the makeup on the surface of the skin.


例句:In the event of a precise hit, the kinetic energy of the EKV and the missile will pulverize the warhead and destroy any nuclear, chemical, or biological agents it might be carrying.


2.Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed his rival Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States.


endorse vt. 背书,支持


例句:I can endorse their opinion wholeheartedly.


例句:Allow me to get the standard disclaimer out of the way, which is that, in fairness to other treatments of my work, I cannot endorse any of them, including this one.




美国总统奥巴马敦促美国人民在种族关系紧张时期不要绝望,奥巴马表示,美国并没有看起来那样分裂lLyTQZnbLFKTKG。奥巴马的此番话语发表在五名达拉斯警察的追悼会上,这五名警察被一名狙击手杀害tFe1.d5e%n0d,fD。这名狙击手的目的是为警察射杀黑人案件中的受害黑人报仇雪恨h2BBr0)O7=6N~|!iq#。奥巴马表示,人们不应该盲从窠臼的观念而歧视警察nqlq2tu#!Ac;1。我们都知道,大多数警察都以专业的操守从事着异常辛苦而又危险的工作,他们应该得到我们的尊重,而不是轻蔑b_XCK_RF2|0+K5]omrns。但他同时表示,很多少数种族的关切也应该得到认真对待Rk;HzcYdM1)=lAWohQ=。我们也不能对那些和平抗议的人不管不顾,不能将他们视为惹是生非之人或是偏执狂想之人KfdQ*nq0~iQp;u。这样的话,他们就只能认为警察群体有问题或是种族歧视~j]r0+n~FH*P]k。你们和平的言行反而受到否定,一次又一次地受到当局的排斥,或者一次又一次地受到身边白人朋友、同事们的蔑视,这真的很伤tN|=vW^S#o,sY。伯尼·桑德斯已正式表示支持他的昔日对手,即如今民主党的总统候选人希拉里sx&*7QLfU]XUvf。在新罕布什尔州的竞选会上,伯尼表示,他会竭尽全力保希拉里获得11月的胜利hV40V^HxL#&LK,+3f。伯尼还说,关键是要阻止共和党候选人特朗普赢得胜利-@uE4Z^@wp。希拉里称赞伯尼将民众带入政治进程中是佳举b~jytM|TG9=。英国工党决定,工党现任领袖杰里米可自动参加领袖再选,与议员安吉拉对阵Xb[Dyl*[r3kTS。杰里米的很多议会同事称,杰里米需要他们的支持1~m]Al~]L-er5o6]Pw。在上周的信任投票中,只有20%的议会成员支持杰里米zuqLWy7)rL+zNy1s3D。请听罗伯特发回的详细报道]=(Coe,70a,tc。工党关于其在英国政坛中目的和角色的漫长内战已经进入了另一个时期8hzQ[Pq1J1n。现在已演变成工党以杰里米为代表的强硬左派与支持解密里的许多活动分子与其内部更中和的议员之间的最后对决1)u|eg%of2,I。去年,杰里米轻易赢得了这场对决q27AfucE2NBlSHXtPx。杰里米的反对者们很之一其担任英国首相的能力P_)vU~CvJ&RtUaY。但无论结果如何,这看起来都会是一场唇枪舌剑的迎战,而对战双方都认为这场战争渊源已久t01;AxsNGN。委内瑞拉军方为缓解基本日常用品的长期紧缺,已开始监察港口和工厂的食物处理情况WMmLi81FHMGCP*F。监察工作是继委内瑞拉总统于周一发表的宣布后展开的,尼古拉斯·马杜罗表示,军队应在分发食物、药物和其他必需品方面做出表率bQu+v,N#Lh^MHEbzXjgn。欢迎继续收听BBC新闻9n0c&^5I[&G]。意大利总理马泰奥走访了意大利南部发生的火车撞击地,这场撞击导致23人死亡U)zCCSDDC-Y|jO4WBQ。马泰奥承诺,会彻查巴里火车在相同单轨上相撞的原因leUJ&~cOt|rdX。由于两辆火车事发时均是告诉行驶,因此导致前部数量车厢均化为粉末GM[ZS~rtNZJdID^。另外还有很多伤员生命垂危zL9vtIsjpx_lB4D7Eof。下面请听我台记者丹为您从事故现场发回的报道2.kmFb(C&v!28^3)AD。此时正值深夜,而救援工作仍在紧锣密鼓地进行+!D4A6aCt41lj0n0。这条火车线路一直运营记录良好,无安全事故发生,所以现在的关键问题是两辆火车是如何在相同单轨上发生撞击的fEu=oOfpW5v+uj9nxB。马泰奥承诺,他一定会为受害者家属和意大利人民做出一个交待zJKFc9f[;Dpk。德国总统称,德国于智利的外交使臣本应该对上世纪60年代和70年代德国在秘密殖民地上关于冒犯人权的问题做出回应(ABW)N9_3mv7。德国总统约阿希姆的这番话是在智利发表的,他表示,他为尊严殖民地上发生的暴行深表遗憾,但德国并无责任k|J!;WFz2&.jwZg#it。这块飞地是前纳粹官员建立的,被用作德国移民的农民公社vOwbSn-~CHfdxAHZ4T。在皮诺切特时代,这块飞地曾被用作用刑中心cwW8iTczu+~JmnWw_-9。美国大屠杀纪念馆要求参观者不要在纪念馆内玩时下流行的手机游戏Pokemon GoN7[&ohpRT6nUglto。这款手游让玩家能在逼真环境下狩猎生物q6Bj(csBZBK=98e=Lzm(。但大屠杀纪念馆表示,在这样的场合玩这款游戏是对纳粹大屠杀中受难者的不尊重,很不合适(I_tHsX5k-dV。附近的阿林顿国家公墓也做出了同样的恳请i*ZeS!NM]DY!C6rquG。加拿大圣公会以微弱的计票结果同意了同性恋结婚,这次是继第一次反对投票后的再次投票,结果令人吃惊P%%7e!9]d*A4%4E+b*。第一次投票中,当反对票以一票之差输掉判决后,很多议会代表面露绝望神色r[q3JgD5wU]jcTH。第二轮投票的胜利伴随着一些代表对第一次计票错误的呼声而来41^;0Amne;a!*)P。感谢您收听BBC新闻8cQvB;VZzZGj|P9,




  • flagn. 旗,旗帜,信号旗 vt. (以旗子)标出 v. 无
  • protestn. 抗议,反对,声明 v. 抗议,反对,申明
  • confidenceadj. 骗得信任的 n. 信任,信心,把握
  • collisionn. 碰撞,冲突
  • biasedadj. 有偏见的;结果偏倚的,有偏的
  • essentialn. 要素,要点 adj. 必要的,重要的,本质的
  • colonyn. 殖民地,侨民,侨居地,聚居(地), 群体,菌落
  • oppositionn. 反对,敌对,在野党
  • challengen. 挑战 v. 向 ... 挑战
  • originaladj. 最初的,原始的,有独创性的,原版的 n. 原件