BEC中级真题第2辑精听:Test4-Part Two(3)
日期:2019-04-11 17:00


I usually enjoy seminars. It's a chance to get away from the office, and there's the opportunity to share experiences. I know these events aren't cheap, especially when the speaker's somebody well known. At this particular seminar I went to, the speaker was unknown so I was unsure how good it would be, but I found it really useful - it gave me new ideas on selling techniques, which I've already started using... with some success. So I'd say it was well worth the fee.


I think where we went wrong was in assuming that price is always the most important concern, and simply keeping our margins low. Clearly, by doing this we haven't managed to regain market share. Our marketing consultant has suggested that we change our strategy and give increased attention to other things which are very important to people, such as reliability- of quality and of delivery- even if it involves charging more.