BEC中级真题第2辑精听:Test4-Part Two(1)
日期:2019-04-09 14:46


I only went because several colleagues who'd been before said how great it was. To be honest, I usually get bored at these events. Instead of just listening to someone talking, I'd rather be doing something. But as everyone had recommended it, I had high hopes it'd be good, and I wasn't disappointed. I found the speaker really entertaining; the thing was, he couldn't cover everything - they should have allowed a full day.


I know you're supposed to pick up lots of new ideas at these seminars and I suppose it was useful- I did get a few ideas, which is just as well because now I've got to give a talk to staff on the same topic. What I was actually hoping for, though, was to be able to make the most of the opportunity in other ways, too. As some of the other participants I networked with may well become major clients, I'd definitely go again.


  • entertainingadj. 引起乐趣的,娱乐性的,令人愉快的 n. 招待,
  • disappointedadj. 失望的
  • opportunityn. 机会,时机