BEC中级真题第2辑精听:Test2-Part Two(5)
日期:2019-03-14 16:47


We'd looked round the market to find the cheapest deal possible but to be honest there wasn't much to choose, in terms of cost, between any of the local suppliers. However, we had a visit from a sales representative from one company and we asked him to make up some complimentary printed letterheads for us. They were exactly what we wanted so that was the deciding factor. I think that personal touch gives a company far better results than advertising ever can.


Obviously there are many different factors to consider when you choose a new supplier. We always used a local company because they were relatively near and we could even pick things up ourselves if necessary. But unfortunately they just became too expensive. Now that express delivery services are widely available, distance is no longer a consideration and we've been able to choose someone who can give us the best package for the lowest cost.


  • deliveryn. 递送,交付,分娩
  • suppliern. 供应者,供应厂商,供应国
  • considerationn. 考虑,体贴,考虑因素,敬重,意见 n. 报酬
  • representativeadj. 代表性的,代议制的,典型的 n. 代表,众议员
  • factorn. 因素,因子 vt. 把 ... 因素包括进去 vi
  • availableadj. 可用的,可得到的,有用的,有效的
  • complimentaryadj. 问候的,称赞的,夸奖的,免费赠送的