日期:2020-10-19 17:36


THE long-anticipated Super Nintendo World theme park is to open in Japan next year, and have opened a Mario cafe and shop ahead of the launch.
Opening this month, it is the first Mario Cafe and Store in the world which will have exclusive snacks and souvenirs.
这是世界上第一家提供专属小吃和纪念品的Mario Cafe and Store,将于本月开业。
Pancake sandwiches in the shape of Mario's and Luigi's hats will be on offer, in flavours such as strawberry shortcake and grape.
Cream sodas and soft drinks in super mushroom cups will also be available, long with Nintendo souvenirs.
The theme park was initially due to open this summer but was postponed due to coronavirus.
While exact dates have not been given, it now aims to open early 2021.
Japan also remains off the travel list for Brits - while it is on the UK's travel corridor list, Japan is not letting UK tourists into the country - so you will have to wait a while longer to visit.
Fans of the games will be able to play Yoshi's Adventures, an omnimover-style ride (used by Disney rides such as Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster) which takes passengers along a track with views of the park as well as animatronic scenes.
游戏迷将可以玩Yoshi's Adventures,这是一种全方位的游乐设施(由迪士尼游乐设施如《鬼屋》和《巴斯光年》的Astro Blaster所使用),可将乘客带到一条可欣赏公园和电子动画场景的轨道上。
Guests will sit in Yoshi-themed cars as they travel throughout the land.
There will also be a real-life Mario kart ride where you can race your friends, although how it works is yet to be revealed.


While in the park, guests will play Super Mario in real life using "power-up bands".
The bands will track and sync activities while walking around the park, letting guests collect coins and compete with other people.
The bands appear to have six options based on the characters - Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad and Yoshi.
小队似乎根据角色有六个选择-马里奥(Mario),路易吉(Luigi),桃子公主(Princess Peach),黛西公主(Princess Daisy),蟾蜍(Toad)和耀西(Yoshi)。
The app will show visitors where to find coins - and hit a real-life question block - as well as feature a map of the attractions.
After creating a profile, fans of the games can then try and beat each other.
Last year, chairman and CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts Tom Williams explained that the scores could even be sent back to the Nintendo game console to build up for another visit to the park.
去年,环球公园及度假村(Universal Parks and Resorts)的董事长兼首席执行官汤姆·威廉姆斯(Tom Williams)解释说,这些分数甚至可以被送回任天堂的游戏机上,为下次来乐园游玩积累分数。
Senior vice president and chief creative officer with Universal Creative, Thierry Coup, previously said: "Think of Super Nintendo World as a life-size, living video game where you become one of the characters. You're not just playing the game; you're living the game, you're living the adventure."
环球创意公司的高级副总裁兼首席创意官Thierry Coup曾说过:“可以把《超级任天堂世界》想象成真人大小的真人视频游戏,你可以成为其中的一个角色。你不只是在玩游戏;你生活在游戏中,你生活在冒险中。”
The next Nintendo land is likely to open in Universal Studios Hollywood, with Orlando opening after that.
下一个任天堂乐园可能会在好莱坞环球影城(Universal Studios)开业,之后将在奥兰多(Orlando)开业。
There are also rumours of a Donkey Kong and Princess Peach ride at the Super Nintendo Land in Universal Studios Orlando.