NBA官网评近十年最佳阵容惹争议 科比 呵呵
日期:2019-08-14 13:45


With the 2010s era of the NBA coming to a close, we're looking back on the best of the decade that was. First up, the Third Team All-Decade!
This disrespectful. Can't put pg and kobe in the same sentence.kobe has done too and was too unstoppable for too long.
The Kobe disrespect is getting out of hand
Kobe didn't lose 6 times in the finals, played his whole career with the Lakers (Lebron regrets going to LA) and holds a ton of Lakers records.
Decade or Career, @kobebryant is First Team Every time All the Time. His old ass still got 60 pts. his last game. None on any team listed doing that Now or Later before retiring.
For some reason people don't understand that. They always feel like their favorite player is always being disrespected. Like this ain't a lifetime achievement award, it literally says decade.

During the start of this decade, Kobe won back 2 back titles & was back 2 back finals MVP. He also averaged 23ppg. The idea of CP3 or Blake being ahead of Kobe on any list other than assists and highlights respectively is laughable. Especially CP3. He's never won at any level
This isnt an all time list tho this is about the best players from 2009-2019 kobe was only good for 4 years while blake and cp3 have been good for longer this decade.If this was 2000s there would definitely be a problem but for 2010s this is a good list
这并不是一个永久的名单,但这是2009-2019年最好的球员名单 ,科比只有4年的出色表现,而格里芬和保罗这十年中的出色表现更长,如果这是21世纪前十年的名单,那肯定有问题,但如果是09年之后的十年,对于科比而言,这是一个不错的名单。
Presenting our panelists' picks for First Team All-Decade!
So they really got James harden in there instead of kobe...can't be serious
Who is playing center? LeBron? I expect stupid crap like this from the NBA video games, but c'mon you are @NBATV. At least try and pretend to understand the sport you cover. Your "panel" looks to have as much validity as a schoolyard debate.
You guys are dumb as hell. None of the first team guards can carry @kobebryant jock. You guys need to turn in your damn basketball card. How many guys on all 3 teams have 5 championships? Where is Tim Ducan?