The Gap Mannequin Projec 模仿模特穿衣摆造型
日期:2014-01-17 16:55


The latest off-the-wall photo project to hit Tumblr shows a man posing alongside Gap mannequins mirroring their static poses and wearing matching outfits.
Steve Venegas, 30, from Vancouver, started the quirky practice of 'dressing like a dummy' four years ago and now has dozens of photographs to show for it.
On his Tumblr account - The Gap Mannequin Project - he is seen trying out the latest fashions from peach-colored hoodies to plaid shirts and dark denims.
Mrs Venegas photographed him next to an identically-clad mannequin with an expressionless look on his face. The one-off stunt quickly turned into an ongoing tradition for the couple, and now they make regular trips to Gap.
'I try on clothes and have my photo taken because it's funny to dress like a dummy,' Mr Venegas explains under the 'About' section of his Tumblr. And it seems others are also amused by his antics.
Ongoing tradition: Now he has dozens of photographs to show for it.
On show: He launched the Tumblr account - The Gap Mannequin Project - on December 31.
Mr Venegas says that he doesn't own any of the clothes in the photos and merely puts them on in the fitting room.
Novel idea: He merely goes into stores, looks at what the dummies are wearing, and pops a matching outfit on in the fitting room.
'I always hang them back up when I'm done,' he reassured fans via Twitter.
The amateur model told The Province that there was no special reason why he originally chose Gap for his project.
He was shopping there with his wife, Lauren, back in 2009, when he decided to try mimicking the dummies as a joke.

'I noticed the mannequin was about my size. Everything was in front of me, so I just said, "I should try this on, see how this looks,"' he recalled.
In the name of fun: Many commentators seems amused by Mr Venegas' antics.
'I'm just going to keep doing this until they tell me stop, I guess,' Mr Venegas concluded.

  • dummyn. 傀儡,假人,哑巴,笨蛋,仿制品 adj. 假的,虚
  • merelyadv. 仅仅,只不过
  • amusedadj. 有趣的
  • staticadj. 静态的,静力的,静止的,静电的 n. 静电,静
  • stuntn. 特技,阻碍成长 vt. 阻碍成长,表演特技
  • mannequinn. 时装模特儿,人体模型
  • amateuradj. 业余(爱好者)的 n. 业余爱好者,外行
  • quirkyadj. 古怪的;离奇的;诡诈的