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Retirees Bob and Alex Linn of Vail, Colo., exercise year-round outdoors. In the winter, they ski. In the summer, they cycle through the mountains.
科罗拉多州威尔市(Vail, Colo.)退休人员鲍勃?林恩(Bob Linn)与亚历克斯?林恩(Alex Linn)一年到头都在进行户外运动。隆冬时节,他们会去滑雪。盛夏之际,他们会骑车越过山川。
It hasn't always been that way.
Bob Linn, 81, who ran a company that managed hospital computer systems, and his wife Alex, 75, an artist, didn't exercise much until their mid-40s. It just wasn't a priority beyond maintaining their weight. 'When you're young, you don't think about it and you're busy raising a family,' says Mr. Linn. The couple has seven children total from their prior marriages.
Mrs. Linn started exercising in part to avoid surgery for chronic neck pain. The Linns now do Pilates classes, weight training, cardio and modified plyometrics exercises.
Mr. Linn admits his own stamina and energy aren't what they were in his youth, but that can be a motivating factor -- as can working out together. 'It's always good to have a partner,' he says. 'When you falter and you're not feeling up to it, the other one can say, 'Aw come on, let's do an easy cross-country today.''
Since she turned 60, Mrs. Linn has celebrated her birthday each year by riding her bicycle up a steep 8-mile, 2,000-foot climb on Vail Pass to an elevation of 10,662 feet. Mr. Linn makes the Vail Pass climb on his road bike two to three times in the summer with friends.
自从过了60岁以后,亚历克斯每年都会以这样的方式庆祝自己的生日:在威尔帕斯(Vail Pass)山脉一段长达8英里(约合13公里)、海拔为2000英尺(约合610米)的陡坡上骑行至海拔为10,662英尺(约合3.2千米)的高地。鲍勃则会登上自己的山地车和朋友们一起完成在威尔帕斯山的骑行路线,这样的骑行他每年夏季会进行两到三次。
On Sundays, the two cycle or ski to church. In the winter, Mr. Linn hits the slopes of Vail or Beaver Creek ski area twice a week with friends. Mrs. Linn usually takes solo treks on cross-country skis near their home.
周日的时候,夫妻二人会骑车或滑着雪橇去教堂。到了冬天,鲍勃会和朋友一起去征服威尔的陡坡或到比弗克里克(Beaver Creek)滑雪场锻炼,这样的活动每周会进行两次。亚历克斯则会在离家不远的地方套上越野滑雪板独自跋涉。
In January, the Linns took a vacation to Rwanda, where they hiked for several hours in the high-altitude jungle to watch wild gorilla families. 'We wouldn't be able to do half the things we do if not for exercise,' says Mr. Linn.
The Workout
On Mondays and Fridays, Mr. and Mrs. Linn attend a Pilates class. The hourlong class incorporates low-impact core exercises that strengthen the deep abdominal muscles. Mrs. Linn says it is helped her balance and makes her joints feel better.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a personal trainer, Jennifer Sage, comes to their home for a mix of flexibility, strength training and balance exercises. 'By doing this, Bob and Alex have a much lower chance of falls, as well as strains from not being strong enough to lift things,' says Ms. Sage, who has been training the couple together for seven years.
周二和周四,私人教练詹妮弗?塞奇(Jennifer Sage)会到林恩夫妇家进行融合了灵活度、力量训练和平衡性锻炼的混合课程。赛奇说:“通过进行这些活动,鲍勃和亚历克斯跌倒的几率更低了,他们因为力气不够举不动东西而感到劳累的可能性也更小了。”
In the summer, Ms. Sage cheers the two as they skip, lunge, march and jog up the hill to their home. Sometimes, she will accompany Mrs. Linn on bike rides and has her do interval training on the bike on hills.
In early winter, the couple prepare for ski season by doing modified plyometric routines that help them respond to changes in terrain on the mountain. The exercises include hopping sideways, fast-paced squats, lunges and squat jumps.
In midwinter, Ms. Sage has one of the couple spend 30 minutes on a spin bike, while the other does weight and core exercises with her. They do a lot of work with exercise bands to strengthen arms and upper body as well as help with posture and coordination. 'Bob has shoulder issues and Alex has neck issues, so we have to be very careful,' she says. 'Anytime they have any kind of pain, we find another exercise.'
A session with Ms. Sage finishes with a stretch or a modified yoga routine.
The Diet
Breakfast is usually oatmeal with fruit and Greek yogurt. Lunch is typically light, maybe a smoothie or a piece of fruit and yogurt.
Dinners usually include fish and vegetables, salads or grains. A snack might be a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit. They sometimes indulge in a piece of dark chocolate and always sip hot cocoa with skim milk after skiing.
The Gear
The couple pays $100 per hourlong session with their trainer. Their Pilates class runs about $77 a week together. They pay about $1,300 for two downhill-ski passes and $300 for a pass to skate-ski and cross-country ski around the local golf course. Their home gym is equipped with weights, an elliptical machine, a treadmill and a spin bike.

  • steepadj. 陡峭的,险峻的,(价格)过高的 n. 陡坡
  • gearn. 齿轮,传动装置,设备,工具 v. 使适应于,以齿轮
  • shouldern. 肩膀,肩部 v. 扛,肩负,承担,(用肩)推挤
  • terrainn. 地带,地域,地形
  • squatn. 蹲 adj. 蹲著的,矮胖胖的 v. 蹲下,坐
  • skimvt. 撇去浮沫,略读,掠过,滑过 vi. 掠过,覆盖了
  • flexibilityn. 灵活性,柔韧性,适应性
  • sagen. 圣人,哲人 n. 鼠尾草,蒿属植物 adj. 贤明
  • coordinationn. 协调
  • routinen. 例行公事,常规,无聊 adj. 常规的,例行的,乏