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乌克兰亲俄叛军任命领导人 危机加剧




At least 14 killed in Spanish bus crash


At least 14 people died after a bus fell nearly fifty feet off a bank in south-eastern Spain on Saturday. The bus was returning from a religious event in Madrid. 32 others, including the driver, were injured, 10 seriously. Police are investigating the cause of the accident. No traces of drugs or alcohol have been found in the driver's system. The local city council has declared three days of mourning and the regional driver has been charged with homicide and reckless driving.



Freed by North Korea, two Americans return to U.S.


American Kenneth Bae steps onto home soil, two years after he was first detained by North Korea. He's one of two U.S. citizens freed in recent days -- the other is Matthew Todd Miller, who went to Pyongyang in April this year. Bae, a Korean-American missionary, was accused of trying to overthrow the North Korean state and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour. He says he's grateful to be back.
最初在朝鲜被拘留两年后,裴俊浩(Kenneth Bae)终于再次踏上美国国土fv5&3BY8m=[__lYy。他是近日被朝鲜释放的两名美国公民之一IKP%hqi.d-0N0。另外一人是马修·托德·米勒(Matthew Todd Miller),今年4月份前往平壤XxhXsR%&LDkp90G~).]。裴俊浩(Kenneth Bae)是一名韩裔美国传教士,被控试图推翻朝鲜政府,被判15年的劳动教养,Yi(ig[)Osqo2haM|=q8。他表示,对于能够回国他非常感激%9uTzRJZ3a*~|NEkp|


(SOUNDBITE) (English) KENNETH BAE, AMERICAN RELEASED FROM PRISON IN NORTH KOREA, SAYING: "It's been an amazing two years. I learnt a lot. I grew a lot. I lost a lot of weight, in a good way. But I'm standing strong because of you."
从朝鲜监狱获释的裴俊浩(Kenneth Bae):“那是难以置信的两年d)E+Tmw9LvZzkc8G。我学到了很多Uui3%v|__mZ3wv。我成长了很多5E|]wR6sevc=)#。我瘦了很多,这是好的方面+jRU3h8NXv|zm%|_。但是因为你们,我一直坚强地承受着QxvJB^;8Wj([g。”


North Korean state media said Miller was tried on an espionage charge and was originally given a six-year sentence of hard labour. U.S. officials say there were no negotiations made with Pyongyang, and it's unclear why they released the Americans.
朝鲜国家媒体表示,米勒(Matthew Todd Miller)因间谍罪指控接受审判,最初被判6年的劳动教养Xt_,[to5GietI_。美国官员表示,他们未与平壤进行任何谈判,目前还不清楚他们为何释放着两名美国人_8^pXSwQRWYhdE



Catalans back vote on split from Spain


Chanting "independence, independence", those who want Catalonia to split from Spain celebrate after a symbolic vote. A reported 80 percent want a formal referendum on the issue, while half of them voted for full independence. Almost half of the region's 5 million voters cast their ballots on Sunday.


(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) BARCELONA RESIDENT, MARK DIAZ, SAYING: "A very emotional day. This is only the first step to achieve the independence for our country of Catalonia."
巴塞罗那居民MARK DIAZ:“这是非常动情的一天8]!-IRLDYKG=。这只是我们的加泰罗尼亚国获得独立的第一步h[8UpMy.GFqSu。”


Those calling for a breakaway believe Catalonia, which accounts of a fifth of Spain's economy, has been held back by the rest of the country.It also has its own distinct culture and language. Some in the Spanish government who opposed the vote say it wasn't legitimate because it was organised by pro-independence organisations. But Catalan President Artur Mas says it's time they paid attention.
呼吁独立的人相信,占据西班牙经济总量五分之一的加泰罗尼亚被国家其他地区拖累了W3l(s],*L;Lc。他们也有自己独立的文化和语言O7Zfe&6*885reAnjp。反对投票的西班牙政府一些人员表示,这是非法的,因为这次投票是由支持独立的组织筹备的V&X)z)sTs_sY!EkE]@V。但是加泰罗尼亚地区主席马斯(Artur Mas)表示,他们是时候关注这个问题了FXOfFBsPSm


(SOUNDBITE) (English) CATALAN PRESIDENT, ARTUR MAS, SAYING: "In the next future we will have to use this tool, elections to try to hold this kind of referendum and to know how broad the majority for independence in Catalonia is."
加泰罗尼亚地区主席马斯(Artur Mas):“将来,我们必须使用选举这个工具,举行全民公投,了解究竟有多少人支持加泰罗尼亚独立3vArEQx%d9!oJuwFtL8。”


Independence supporters hope the results will persuade the central government to allow them more say on tax and political issues, and perhaps even a full independence vote in the future.





U.N.: Ebola on the rise in Sierra Leone


The fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone hits a roadblock as cases are soaring in the West African country because of a lack of treatment centers, according to a UN report. Fatu Filli, whose sister is battling the virus, says hospitals take too long to admit Ebola patients.


(SOUNDBITE) (Krio) SISTER OF EBOLA PATIENT, FATU FILLI, SAYING: "The government has said before that if you have any sick person at home you should call the emergency number, but you have to call several times, and even if they respond, it will be after two to four days. So the slow response is the problem and that is why people are afraid to come to the hospital." The deadly virus has killed more than 4000 people in West Africa. While neighboring Liberia and Guinea show signs of improvement, a majority of new cases have been reported in Sierra Leone. And then there's another challenge - Health officials say the outbreak is undermining confidence in the country's health system with people dying from other diseases, because they refuse to go to clinics for treatment.





China's Xi, Japan's Abe hold meeting


Xi said China hopes Japan will follow the path of peaceful development and adopt prudent military and security policies. He also urged Japan to do more to enhance mutual trust with neighboring countries, and play a "constructive role" in safeguarding regional peace and stability.


Xi said China has always attached importance to its ties with Japan. Abe said Japan wants to see through the "Four-Point" Consensus on improving bilateral ties, which was reached between the two countries just prior to his visit.


This is the first time the Chinese President and Japanese Prime Minister have met since both took office. Abe is in Beijing for the APEC economic leaders’ meeting.

  • castv. 投,掷,抛,铸造,丢弃,指定演员,加起来,投射(目
  • recklessadj. 不计后果的,大意的,鲁莽的
  • militaryadj. 军事的 n. 军队
  • fell动词fall的过去式 n. 兽皮 vt. 砍伐,击倒 a
  • issuen. 发行物,期刊号,争论点 vi. & vt 发行,流
  • enhancevt. 提高,加强,增加
  • millern. 磨坊主,铣床(工)
  • prudentadj. 谨慎的,有远见的,精打细算的
  • refusev. 拒绝 n. 垃圾,废物 adj. 无用的
  • emotionaladj. 感情的,情绪的