GMAT考试词汇精选(MP3+文本) 第332期:Unit40—6
日期:2016-12-15 13:52


1.wreak v.发泄(to cause the infliction of vengeance);引起(to bring about, to cause)
联想记忆:到处乱发脾气( wreak)是脆弱(weak)的表现
例:The thief wreaked his vengeance on Mary by destroying her house.
2.wreath n.花冠,花环(garland)
例:Victors in ancient Greek Olympic Games received cash prizes in addition to their laurel wreaths.
3.wreck n.失事船只(shipwreck);残骸(the broken remains of something wrecked or otherwise ruined)
例:The coast guard is conducting tests to see whether pigeons can be trained to help find survivors of wrecks at sea.
派生词:wreckage [n.(被毁物的)残骸]
4.wrestle v.摔跤;搏斗(to fight);深思(to engage in deep thought)
例:Scientists are wrestling with the study of a new kind of star.
5.y-axis n.坐标轴中的Y轴
例:Is this line parallel to the y-axis?
6.yeast n.酵母(a yellowish surface froth or sediment that occurs especially in saccharine liquids( as fruit juices) in which it promotes alcoholic fermentation, consists largely of cells of a fungus (as the saccharomyces, saccharomyces cerevisiae), and is used especially in the making of alcoholic liquors and as a leaven in baking)
例:Yeast is used to leaven bread.
7.yen n.日元(Japanese money)
例:The United States attempts to deal with the fall of the dollar against the yen.
8.yield n.产量(the amount or quantity produced or returned);v.产生(bear, produce);屈从(to give way to pressure)
例:The yield of natural gas from Norway's Troll gas field is expected to increase annually until the year 2005. //They discuss how such two methods have yielded contradictory data.