GMAT考试词汇精选(MP3+文本) 第330期:Unit40—4
日期:2016-12-13 13:48


1.wary a.谨慎的,慎重的(cautious)
例:The mail carrier was wary of dangerous dogs.
2.waterfront n.海滨;滩(land, land with buildings fronting or abutting on a body of water)
例:With a new park, stadium, and entertainment complex along the Delaware River, Trenton, New Jersey, is but one of a large number of communities that are looking to use their waterfronts to improve the quality of urban life and attract new businesses.
3.welfare n.繁荣(the state of doing well especially in respect to good fortune, happiness, well-being, or prosperity);福利(aid in the form of money or necessities for those in need)
例:Public education was essential to the welfare of the Republic.//social welfare program社会福利项目
4.well-being,幸福:福利(good health and prosperity)
例:The union protected the well-being of its members.
5.whim n.多变:怪念头(fancy)
例:It is not a license granted by government and revokable at whim.
6.whiplash n.鞭绳(the lash of a whip);鞭打(sth. resembling a blow from a whip)
例:It is true that spurious reports of whiplash injuries cannot be readily identified.
7.whirl v.旋转,急转(to rotate, to move in a circle or similar curve especially with force or speed)
联想记忆:轮子( wheel)在不停地旋转(whirl)
例:In such a system, an accretion disk whirls about a neutron star rather than a white dwarf.
8.whisker n.腮须(the part of the beard growing on the sides of the face or on the chin);胡须(mustache)
例:The pattern of whisker spots on the face of a male lion is a lifelong means of identification.
9.wholesale n.批发(the sale of commodities in quantity usually for resale by a retail merchant)