GMAT考试词汇精选(MP3+文本) 第329期:Unit40—3
日期:2016-12-12 13:47


1.volatile a.易变的,多变的(characterized by or subject to rapid change)
例:volatile demand多变的需求
同根词:volant (a.飞行的;敏捷的):volary(n.大型鸟舍)
2.volunteer n.志愿者(a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service);a.自愿的(being, consisting of, or engaged in by volunteers)
例:We should disband our volunteer service and hire a commercial ambulance service.
3.voracious a.狼吞虎咽的(devouring or craving food in great quantities);贪婪的(excessively eager; insatiable)
例:The survival of a rare New Zealand species of mistletoe is threatened both because its leaves are extremely tasty to a voracious opossum species and because its flowers are pollinated by two species of birds whose populations are in decline.
派生词:voraciously( ad.狼吞虎咽地;贪得无厌地)
4.vortices n.漩涡(vortex的复数)
例:Sunspots, vortices of gas associated with strong electromagnetic activity are visible.
5.vulnerable a.易受攻击的(capable of being physically wounded; assailable)
例:The argument is most vulnerable to the objection.
派生词:vulnerably( ad.脆弱地;易受伤害地);vulnerability(n.弱点;易损性)
6.wage v.发动(战争)(to engage in or carry on);n.工资(a payment, usually of money for labor or services, usually according to contract and on an hourly, daily, or piecework basis)
例:Agricultural revenues in excess of the amount needed for subsistence were used by medieval kings to wage war.
7.wanton a.无节制的,放纵的(being without check or limitation);顽皮的(mischievous)
例:Customs inspectors are often treated not like government employees but wanton poachers by travelers.
8.warbler n.(能叫出柔和颤音的)鸣禽
例:Blue-winged warblers are unlike most species of warbler in which it is very difficult to tell the male and female apart.
9.warrior n.战士(a man engaged or experienced in warfare)
例:terracotta warriors秦始皇兵马俑