GMAT考试词汇精选(MP3+文本) 第328期:Unit40—2
日期:2016-12-11 13:44


1.vine n.葡萄树;蔓生植物(any of various sprawling herbaceous plants(as a tomato or potato) that lack specialized adaptations for climbing)
例:insect-pollinated vine由昆虫授粉的蔓生植物
2.violate v.违反,违背(break, disregard)
记:发音记忆:“why late"--违反制度迟到了--违反,违背
例:Their activities violate the New York Consumer Protection Law.
派生词:violation(n.违犯,违背) n.圣女;a.处女的(characteristic of or befitting a virgin);纯洁的(free of impurity or stain)
例:In June, 1981, six teenagers in the village of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, claimed to have had visions of the Virgin Mary, who they say has continued to appear to them over the ensuing years.
4.virtue n.美德(conformity to a standard of right);优点(merit);力量(potency)
例:Virtue was to be instilled not only by churches and schools, but by families, where the mother's role was crucial.
5.virtuoso n.演艺精湛的人(one who excels in the technique of an art)
6.virtuous a.有道德的,品性好的(righteous, chaste)
例:To be completely virtuous, people had to be independent and free of the petty interests of the marketplace.
7.viscosity n.黏性,黏度(the quality or state of being viscous)
例:The viscosity in the disk causes heating and radiation.
8.visual a.看得见的(attained or maintained by sight);视觉的(of, relating to, or used in vision)
例:visual image可见图像:目视图像//visual arts视觉艺术
9.vocal a.声音的(of, relating to the voice);歌唱的(relating to, composed or arranged for, or sung by the human voice)
例:vocal cords声带//vocal style歌唱风格