GMAT考试词汇精选(MP3+文本) 第327期:Unit40—1
日期:2016-12-10 13:39


1.vessel n.船(ship);容器(container);导管(tube)
例:The cause of the wreck of the vessel is still unknown.//pottery vessel陶容器//blood vessel血管
2.vestige n.痕迹,残余(trace)
例:Most people have consciously rejected Confucianism, but vestiges of the old order remain.
3.veteran n.老兵(an old soldier of long service, a former member of the armed forces)
4.viability n.可行性(capability of working, functioning, or developing adequately);生存能力(capability of living)
例:It is a realistic possibility that casts the most serious doubt on the viability of the company's plan.// They help to ensure the continued economic viability of the world community.
5.viable a.可行的(feasible);能活下去的(capable of living)
例:A food-product innovation can be technically feasible and still not be economically viable.
6.vicinity n.附近,接近(neighborhood)
例:The commission acknowledges that nothing can ensure the safety of people who live in the vicinity of a nuclear plant.
7.vicious a.邪恶的(evil);恶性的(worsened by internal causes that reciprocally augment each other)
例:When people evade income taxes by not declaring taxable income,a vicious cycle results.
8.victimize v.使受害,迫害;使牺牲(to cause someone to suffer unfairly)
例:The president of the block association tried to convince her neighbors that they should join forces to prevent crime in the neighborhood rather than continue to be victimized.
9.vigorous a.精力旺盛的,健壮的(strong, healthy, and full of energy)
例:Some species of Arctic birds are threatened by recent sharp increases in the population of snow geese, which breed in the Arctic and are displacing birds of less vigorous species.
派生词:vigorously( ad.精力旺盛地:活泼地)