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Hello, I'm Neil Nunes with the BBC News. US stocks fell on Thursday, but rose sharply over April as a whole, driven by expectations that the economy will soon start to recover from coronavirus restrictions. Analysts say the latest gloomy data on unemployment and consumer spending indicate the recovery will be much slower than the Wall Street figures suggest. Michelle Fleury reports. The latest economic data out of the United States is terrible. Millions more Americans filed for unemployment benefits, bringing the total since the pandemic started to about 30 million. The grim news weighed on stocks. The three major US indexes ended the trading day in the red, but the losses were relatively small for what has otherwise been a stellar month for Wall Street. So why is the market doing well even as the economy craters?Investors are looking past the dismal economic news and focusing on rescue efforts in Washington, hopes for a vaccine or treatment for the coronavirus and a gradual reopening of the country.


Amazon says its profits for the first three months of this year plunged by 29% compared to 2019. This is despite a surge in revenue driven in part by people's inability to get out of their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Zoe Thomas has more. Amazon's profits fell sharply, dropping 30% from this time last year. That's because Amazon is spending a lot to keep operations going during the coronavirus pandemic. It's hired 175, 000 new workers and temporarily raised their salaries. Its spending on cleaning and protective gear and its shipping costs have gone up. Amazon told investors it expects to spend even more next quarter on COVID-19 related expenses, saying its operating profits for the next three months would go to those costs.




Scientists have identified the highest levels of microplastics ever recorded on the seafloor. In samples from the bottom of the Mediterranean, researchers counted up to 1.9 million tiny pieces of plastic per square meter in mud from the Tyrrhenian Basin, west of Italy.


The Nigerian drummer Tony Allen, who helped his compatriot Fela Kuti create afrobeat, has died suddenly at the age of 79. Allen took up the drums as a teenager and learned his trade in clubs, playing a myriad of musical styles. When he teamed up with Kuti, the pair melded west African music with American Jazz and funk to build afrobeat and produced a series of classic albums. He's been called the greatest drummer ever. BBC news.







1.The grim news weighed on stocks.

weigh on 压力

At the same time heavier taxes and more regulation are beginning to weigh on firms.

2.This is despite a surge in revenue driven in part by people's inability to get out of their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

in part 部分地

The levels of blood glucose depend in part on what you eat and when you eat

3.Its spending on cleaning and protective gear and its shipping costs have gone up.

go up 上涨

Prices have gone up 61 percent since deregulation.





大家好,我是尼尔· 努内斯,欢迎收听BBC新闻1_pHEIdT|vcn_x,b^fj。美国股市周四下跌,但4月份整体大幅上涨,原因是市场预期美国经济将很快开始从对冠状病毒的限制中复苏+0Cw|E(4g7(。分析人士称 ,最新公布的令人沮丧的失业和消费者支出数据显示,经济复苏的速度将比华尔街的数据显示的要慢得多.eYDX]cTnp|f。请听米歇尔·弗勒里的报道=rIaKU5TcAPRoS(vH。美国最新的经济数据很糟糕uW#(zV20,q。又有数百万美国人申请失业救济,自病毒大流行开始以来,失业总人数达到3000万左右e52FNc6ngZ。这一令人沮丧的消息使股市承压Qu8=4=qK1Vn%JW。美国三大主要股指当日收盘均出现亏损,但对于华尔街一个月的表现来说跌幅相对较小L^E]]S|_eJ6k&l.。那么,在经济陷入困境之际,市场为何表现良好呢?这是因为投资者不再注重黯淡的经济消息,转而关注华盛顿在救援方面的努力、研制疫苗或治疗冠状病毒的希望,以及该国逐渐重新开放的前景]uu&xqd,r(lby