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More central Americans are apprehended by US Border Patrol than from any other region of the world. Yet in south central Texas, many asylum seekers have traveled much further to get there. Out of more than 51000 apprehensions in the fiscal year to date, US Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector reports more than 2000 from Haiti. And nearly 1700 others from 36 countries across Africa. So whether it’s true or not, that’s what people hear and they start moving that way.” “The bandits jump down from the trees , stop, give me your money.”
But along their arduous journeys, word-of-mouth tips become leaps of faith. From East Cosig in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Julia and her two daughters fled their country in 2014. Julia son had been murdered that year and stain she said would have put her daughters at risk. “While you sleep, the thieves will come through the roof. They demand money. And if you don’t have money, they’ll rape your daughter.” Initially, they left for Angola. But Julia says it wasn’t safe there either. So in 2018, they fled again. A flight to Ecuador, a bus and a boat to Colombia, then 14 harrowing days across the Darien Gap in Panama, a common route for African migrant families.


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“Most folks that we encountered had monetary funds to be able to purchase a ticket or coordinate transportation outside of the immediate border area. and so that facilitated,I think a more rapid movement of their initial encounter to their ultimate release and then their travel into the interior to await an immigration hearing. But near Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, many more migrants from Africa and Haiti have grown restless, waiting for weeks for transit permits to continue their travel north. Among those who ultimately make it across the border into the US and are released from detention, many find new challenges in cities like San Antonio Texas lacking family or other contacts in the country.
Migrants from Africa just have a harder time finding, you know, temporary host homes across the nation. So we’ve seen people say a week or so. They are in stark contrast to many central Americans, Cubans and Venezuelans who generally have more ties to the US. But many of them continue to await their own US immigration hearings in Mexico under a policy known as Remain in Mexico. I heard the news that I would return to Mexico. Filled with fear, I asked the official to leave me in the country. They said no that I had to return to Mexico, because that was their agreement with the government. She plans to continue to wait until her day in court in late October.









A flight to Ecuador, a bus and a boat to Colombia, then 14 harrowing days across the Darien Gap in Panama, a common route for African migrant families.


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You've had a harrowing time this past month.





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