CRI News Report:外国投资者对中国市场持乐观态度
日期:2019-07-09 16:20



It's the 13th time that the Summer Davos forum has been held in China.
A number of topics, including artificial intelligence and 5G technology, were discussed at the three-day event, which concluded on Wednesday.
Adrian Monck, the managing director of the World Economic Forum, says the event reflects the weight of China in global growth.
"China has become a major player in the world's economy. I think everyone looks now at China as being central to how the world moves forward. And I think, you know, the eyes of the world are around this country because its economy, its people, its technology, it's so important to every one's future. All of us I think have an interest of seeing China being successful. And you know, that's one of the things we will be talking about in this meeting, on how China's success can help the world, and how the world can help play a part in China's success."
Murat Sonmez is managing director of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Global Network.
He said that he's worked with many Chinese experts and enterprises over the years, and has come to see that China's experience in poverty alleviation offers lessons for other countries.
"China is playing a critical role in multiple dimensions. First of all, if you look at the population, it's a significant part of the population. And what China has achieved in the last decades, lifting people out of poverty into the middle class is an amazing role model. Yet there are new challenges: how do you continue to have an inclusive economy, how do you deal with the problem of wealth, congestion, and the environment. And there are the new challenges that China hasn't faced yet. And while it certainly has a capacity to formulate solutions, these are challenges that require global collaboration."

This year's Summer Davos was the first time that Abhniav Kumar has come to China. He's the chief global marketing officer at Tata Consultancy Services.
He says the visit has deepened his understanding about China's market.
"We've been operating our business in China for many years, growing in size and scale. We have seen how the economy has been expanded and we are pleased to be part of that. The world sees China as a big opportunity, a big huge economic opportunity in the market. Look at the agenda for a few days, a lot of person. It's important time because economically, you know, this is the day which half of the calendar is the year is out. So it's interesting to talk about the state of the economy. "
As head of programming at the World Economic Forum, Sebastian Buckup, travels back and forth between China and Switzerland.
He said China's market will keep moving forward and will take a leading role in innovation.
"So this is a train that has left the station. China is the second largest economy in the world and will keeping growing. It's not only the second largest economy in the world, it's also a leader in many areas of innovation. It's a leader in terms of renewable investment, and it's leading when talking about artificial intelligence. There are many things are happening in China that the world should learn from."
Official data shows that China's actual use of foreign capital reached 300 billion yuan in the first five months of the year. This represents a 6.8 increase on the same time last year, and shows that overseas investors continue to see China as a great place to invest.




1. a number of 若干;许多;
We have lived here quite a number of years.
2. be pleased to do sth. 高兴,乐于(做某事);
They're pleased to be going home.
3. see as 认为;把…看作;
Some cultures see it as a normal process based on love and a wish to protect.
4. in terms of 在…方面;从…角度看;根据…来说;
In terms of annual production, the country has dropped behind the rest of Europe.