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It was his Google doc that emerged and these were comments that he made before that shooting ever took place, he used the n-word multiple times. He included the phrase killing all expletive Jews. The Washington Post has to call him out, basically sort of taking the other side here, taking the side of the student, saying Harvard has betrayed its mission to educate. In that piece it writes, "The decision to bounce an apologetic student over a sophomoric mistake betrays a lack of intellect -- intellectual confidence in that original mission. It's not the job of Harvard College, properly understood, to certify a relative handful of perfect human specimens and train them in the proper expression of approved ideas. Education is about improvement. It is rooted in the faith that errors can become resources, ignorance can be enlightened, horizons can be expanded, improvement is the value from which learning derives its moral character." I mean, it's a good argument and I can see both sides of this. This guy is a Ben Shapiro protege who's extremely bright and I have a lot of respect for. But Harvard is its own university, it doesn't have to fall into any sort of pressure situation. The real issue is, what kind of snake for political purposes went and then took these comments off of this internet situation and then leaked it to damage this kid Kyle for partisan reasons. That's really what the ugliness here is besides the comment. Everybody has got a thought on that and we'll see where all that goes.




I want to ask you finally about West Hollywood city council, they have voted -- Yeah. -- to have Donald Trump's walk of fame star removed. Right. This has now been confirmed by the Hill that city council made this decision and they voted unanimously to approve of the removal of that. Sorry. I mean, aren't there-- isn't there a lot going on that that city has on its -- I mean, there's like an explosion and almost population they have to bulldoze the entire neighborhood of Skid Row, it's a mess in that city. But listen, Donald Trump is probably the biggest star living on the walk of fame right now. I mean, huge TV celebrity, hit show Apprentice and now is the president of the United States, he is a historical figure, the most famous person in the world and because of petty partisan reasons they're going to just scrap the star? It just looks small, but it doesn't surprise me, it's Hollywood. And by the way, a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has said that they would never remove stars because of potential backlash, but it looks like they are making an exception, fascinating to watch. Jesse, great show tonight. Thank you very much. Thank you for doing this with us. Thank you. Good to see you.





  • celebrityn. 名人,名誉,社会名流
  • potentialadj. 可能的,潜在的 n. 潜力,潜能 n. 电位,
  • decisionn. 决定,决策
  • issuen. 发行物,期刊号,争论点 vi. & vt 发行,流
  • intellectualn. 知识份子,凭理智做事者 adj. 智力的,聪明的
  • exceptionn. 除外,例外,[律]异议,反对
  • enlightenedadj. 被启发的,进步的,文明的 动词enlighte
  • commentn. 注释,评论; 闲话 v. 注释,评论
  • removev. 消除,除去,脱掉,搬迁 n. 去除,间距
  • originaladj. 最初的,原始的,有独创性的,原版的 n. 原件