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British Cows Connected to 5G Can Control Own Milking
We have recently heard some interesting ways that 5G wireless technology might change our lives in the future.
5G promises internet speeds between 50 to 100 times faster than current 4G systems. The technology was also built to handle many more users without slowing wireless services down. Such improvements are sure to be popular for 5G users worldwide.
While 5G is set to launch in some limited areas of the United States this year, much of the rest of the world is not expected to receive widely available service until 2023.
One project in Britain, though, is already testing this superfast technology, but not on humans. Instead, the experiment involves an unlikely group of internet users - cows. The system connects the animals to 5G in an effort to automate the milking process.
The project was developed by American technology company Cisco Systems. It is part of a Cisco-led program called 5G RuralFirst. The project also receives money from the British government.
Cisco says the program seeks to explore the future of 5G connectivity in rural communities around the world. Rural areas are expected to be the last to receive 5G service.
Testing areas were set up at farms in three rural areas of England. The cows are equipped with 5G-connected devices that link up to a robotic milking system. The system uses sensors and machine learning to fully automate the process.
System designers say technology takes over after a cow feels ready to be milked and walks toward an automatic gate. The device is designed to recognize each individual cow. It then positions equipment to the right body position for milking. During the process, machines release food for the cow as a reward.
One of the test areas is in the town of Shepton Mallet, in southwest England. There, about 50 of the farm's 180 cows are fitted with 5G smart collars and health-observing ear sensors.
Project officials say the devices do not harm the cows and the sensors permit farmers to immediately identify any problems or health concerns.
Duncan Forbes heads the government-funded Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre in Shepton Mallet. He told Reuters that so far, he thinks the project shows the farm's cow operations can be greatly improved with 5G technology.
"We are testing the ability of 5G to transmit the data from our sensors much quicker, and not via the farm's PC, and a slow (wireless) connection," he said.
Forbes added that the experiment provides strong evidence that 5G technology can be widely used in the future "not just on farms, but in rural communities right across the country."
Other technology tools powering the 5G smart farms include automated brushes that turn on when the cow rubs up against them. Sensors also control the amount of light to the cows' living areas depending on the weather. And, an automatic feeding system makes sure the animals always get enough to eat.
Nick Chrissos works on the project for Cisco. He said the system can connect every cow, and every other animal on the whole farm. "That's what 5G can do for farming - really unleash the power that we have within this farm, everywhere around the United Kingdom, and everywhere around the world."
I'm Bryan Lynn.


1.takes over 接管


We all hope that things will get better when the new manager takes over.

2.rub up 擦亮;激起


You can rub up the silver necklace and Bring Back its shine.

3.makes sure 确信


Every night mother makes sure that all the lights are off before she goes to bed.

4.so far 目前


So far we haven't been able to find anything, but we're still researching.


5.The system connects the animals to 5G in an effort to automate the milking process.

in an effort to 为了


Mass burials are now under way in an effort to ward off an outbreak of cholera.
He finally left home in an effort to counter the tyranny of arranged marriage in the old society.


6.We have recently heard some interesting ways that 5G wireless technology might change our lives in the future.

in the future 未来


We expect better of you in the future.
In the future the machines will need spare parts and maintenance.



该项目由美国科技公司思科系统网络公司开发g+5tdLA8i*[IuT。该项目是由思科领导的5G RuralFirst项目的一部分5qtK[-~Y(L|。该项目还得到了英国政府的资金支持hC#4WYp@,qSN9v


其中一个试验区位于英格兰西南部的Shepton Mallet镇MtLQ;=.QK+=。在那里,180头奶牛中约有50头配备了5G智能项圈和健康监测耳部传感器E~.xF#_.)hSho*n)v
邓肯·福布斯(Duncan Forbes)是由政府资助的农业工程精密创新中心的负责人,该中心位于谢普敦马利特市DG&=5_L_h.MV3vT=IQ-。他告诉路透社,到目前为止,他认为该项目表明,5G技术可以大大改善农场的奶牛生产情况o2p-y1hWk4GMhEW~9v]
尼克·克里斯索斯(Nick Chrissos)负责思科的这一项目*JO1iu|mf9hwWA%@WV9。他说,这个系统可以连接到整座农场里的每一头奶牛和其他动物^bmR~F5CBbxu。“这就是5G技术在农业领域的成就——真正释放出我们在这座农场,在英国乃至世界各地所拥有的力量#g(rTh!RZB8pZ8Rj5。”