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Independent Bookstores Growing in the US
Small, independent bookstores in neighborhoods across the United States are places to discover new books and make friends.
About 20 years ago, stores like these were closing in large numbers because of competition from large bookstores and online book sales.
But about 10 years ago something unusual happened: independent bookstores seemingly came back to life. Many are profitable, and the number of stores is growing.
In a Virginia community called Arlington, many people buy their books at a store called One More Page Books. Customer Cheryl Moore says she likes the personal service she receives at small bookstores.
Moore told VOA: "I think they pay attention to the kinds of books people like to read. They have book clubs, so I don't think it's a place where people just buy books, but make friends here."
In another part of the store, Kate Oberdorfer looks through an unusual mix of books: mysteries, cookbooks, and biographies of famous people.
Oberdorfer talks about a few of the books with Lelia Nebeker.
"I do think it's a special place for people to come," said Nebeker.
She lives nearby and buys books for the store, which opened eight years ago.
After almost dying off, small, independent bookstores grew by 35 percent between 2009 and 2015. The American Booksellers Association says sales at the more than 2,400 bookstores across the country rose about 5 percent over the past year.
Hooray for Books is an independent store specializing in children's books. It opened 11 years ago in Alexandria, Virginia. Owner Ellen Klein thinks part of her store's success has been providing many different kinds of books.
"In this community, we have a lot of mixed race families," she said, "and so we're trying to serve them as well."
Customer Sarah Reidl looks at all the children's books and said, "You just can't really browse on the internet. I like to be able to browse and look for things...that catch my eye."
For people who love reading, independent bookstores sometimes become a home.
Kristen Maier lives in Missouri, but often comes to Hooray for Books when she visits the Washington, DC area for work. She does not think electronic devices can replace the feeling of holding a real book.
"If you don't have a nice book to pass down to your grandkids or their grandkids, you just kind of lose that sense of history and tradition for your family," she said.
Independent bookstores know they have to sell more than books. One More Page tries to appeal to people by offering them wine or chocolate they can take home along with a book.
"We are a place where you can come for events, you can meet writers, get books signed, and buy books you might not necessarily (find) on your own," said Nebeker.
Including books by Ed Aymar, a local writer. He is talking to customers about his latest book, The Unrepentant. Nearby a woman is performing songs related to the story.
Angie Kim, another local writer, came to support Aymar.
"I've been here for 5 events just in the last couple of months," she said. "I think it's just a ...way to show the bookstore that we care about spaces like this and that we want them to continue."
"We're going to keep doing what we do well, and hope that our community loves having us around enough to support us," Nebeker added.
I'm Susan Shand.


1.make friends 交友


People cannot make friends with a person who is cynical about friendship.

2.pass down 传承


This title will only pass down through the male line.

3.along with 随着...一起


He came along with some friends.

4.a few of 少数几个;一些


She watched a few of the games while waiting to go on court.


5.Moore told VOA: "I think they pay attention to the kinds of books people like to read.

pay attention to 注意;重视


I don't pay attention to such gossip.
People in the United States want the president to pay attention to Middle America.


6.But about 10 years ago something unusual happened: independent bookstores seemingly came back to life.

came back to life 回复;苏醒


With the doctor's help he came back to life.
In fact we know that John F.Kennedy was killed and never came back to life.



在弗吉尼亚州的阿灵顿社区,很多居民从One More Page Books书店购书om*XoOhcOJIbzzW[p^U6。顾客谢丽尔·摩尔(Cheryl Moore)表示,很喜欢这家店的个性化服务m#6@Bb+__Y
在这间书店的另一角,凯特·奥伯多弗(Kate Oberdorfer)翻阅了一系列不寻常的书籍:推理小说,食谱和名人传记(z1A,l.#NuL~qun92Dl
奥伯多弗与莱利亚·纳博克(Lelia Nebeker)讨论了其中几本书hdL*=9r+IC3RkTy


Hooray for Books是一家专营儿童图书的独立书店IVZJdaVwi7*[7gC0cKU4。11年前,它在弗吉尼亚州亚历山大市开业A_pZ78TXVh。店主艾伦·克莱茵(Ellen Klein)认为,书店成功的部分原因是提供了许多不同种类的书籍QzsU=hy|Vx.|(n
顾客萨拉·蕾蒂(Sarah Reidl)看着店里的儿童书籍说:“你在网上无法一眼尽览HYV%^=[D0G。我喜欢可以浏览和查阅我感兴趣的事物Zth2Lk(M;^]z|。”
克里斯汀·迈尔(Kristen Maier)住在密苏里州,但前往华盛顿特区工作时,她会常常光顾Hooray for Books书店h)tzsOivOi!Ev&V1hlx。她认为,电子设备无法取代手捧书籍的感觉05dvCg]cR4*aR[KJ
独立书店深谙“书店不能只卖书”的道理%q16^yr1P&K7Y~A。One More Page书店尝试通过买书赠葡萄酒或巧克力的销售策略来吸引顾客G43Jo8pCz)4ls
包括当地作家埃德·艾马尔(Ed Aymar)的作品#QgOj)+lfTN~Nhiyp9a。他正在向顾客介绍新书《无悔》X(-3fSiGoR。旁边一个女性正在演奏与这一故事有关的歌曲m)9%MPQ7rh=j!.5vs~Yn
另一位当地作家Angie Kim也来为艾马尔站台b||5~3xs%Bpf