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Foldable Phones and More: Top Tech at Mobile World Congress
The Mobile World Congress, or MWC, is the world's largest yearly event for showing new smartphones and related products. This week's four-day gathering in Barcelona, Spain introduced some interesting new phones and looked to the future of 5G wireless technology.
MWC Barcelona
One of the most talked about happenings at MWC Barcelona was the launch of a new foldable smartphone. China's Huawei launched the device days after South Korea's Samsung officially launched its own foldable phone model. Representatives of both companies showed off their devices. But MWC Barcelona attendees were not permitted to touch or test the new products.
The launches marked a first for the mobile industry. They are the first devices designed to combine a smartphone and a tablet.
Technology experts see such development as an attempt by manufacturers to present a completely new mobile invention after years of only minor phone innovations. The hope is that people will be excited by the new devices and that, in turn, demand and sales will rise. However, most experts expect the market for a foldable phone to be very limited, especially in the beginning.
One major issue for buyers will be cost. Both Samsung and Huawei have priced their foldable models far above any other smartphones.
Mate X and Galaxy Fold
Huawei's new foldable phone is called the Mate X. It will sell for about $2,600 when it goes on sale later this year. Samsung's Galaxy Fold is priced at nearly $2,000 and is expected to be available in late April.
Both devices are designed to work as a smartphone when closed, but as a tablet when opened. The Galaxy Fold has the tablet on the inside of the fold, while the Mate X's tablet covers the outside of the device.
Both models have a traditional smartphone face that operates independently of the tablet. The Mate X display covers the whole outside, so both the front and back faces can be used for phone operations at the same time.
Huawei's Mate X has a larger display than the Galaxy Fold for both phone and tablet operations. The Mate X also folds flatter than the Galaxy Fold. Both models will come in 5G versions.
Several companies also introduced devices designed to work with 5G, the next generation of wireless technology. Some used MWC Barcelona to describe their plans for launching 5G devices and service. In the United States, some companies plan to launch 5G in major cities by this year.
HoloLens 2
Another product introduced in Barcelona was Microsoft's new HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset. Augmented reality devices project images as holograms onto a user's real-life field of sight. While such devices have traditionally been popular with video gamers, the latest headset seems more designed to help people with their work.
Microsoft's first HoloLens was launched in 2016. Since then, the company has been working to create improvements that users wanted to see. The result is a product that Microsoft claims provides a more immersive experience and fits better on the head.
During a demonstration at MWC Barcelona, Microsoft showed off the HoloLens 2's ability to closely follow eye movements. The presentation also showed how users can feel as though they can actually touch and interact with the holograms. Examples showed a user's ability to play a hologram musical instrument or change the settings of a piece of industrial equipment.
The technology can be used to guide workers through complex industrial or medical processes. It can also be used in office settings to help employees all over the world digitally cooperate on projects as if they were in the same room.
In a statement, Microsoft said it looks forward to many more workers using HoloLens 2 to help perform their jobs better and more safely. "From construction sites to factory floors, from operating rooms to classrooms, HoloLens is changing how we work, learn, communicate and get things done," the company's statement said.
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1.yearly event 年度盛会


The flower show is a yearly event in our town.

2.industrial equipment 工业设备


Our company is dedicated to the purchase and sell of commodities and industrial equipment worldwide.

3.a piece of 一件;一片


He ticked off my name on a piece of paper.

4.in turn 轮流;依次


The girls took it in turn to wipe down the tables after meals


5.So both the front and back faces can be used for phone operations at the same time.

at the same time 同时


It's impossible to get everybody together at the same time.
We can't hold the two meetings at the same time; we must stagger them.


6.While such devices have traditionally been popular with video gamers, the latest headset seems more designed to help people with their work.

been popular with 受...欢迎


His engaging personality made him popular with his peers.
He was not only talented but immensely popular with his colleagues.





Mate X和Galaxy Fold
华为公司的新款可折叠屏手机为Mate X,这款手机在今年晚些时候上市的售价约2600美元xC[!BAxeq^0IZ。三星公司的Galaxy Fold的价格接近2000美元,有望于4月底上市eXG0j7DDv_l8Fq)utwoa
这两款手机折叠时可作为智能手机使用,展开后可以作为平板电脑使用prOUrP4yqrfuVqFNEjx。Galaxy Fold手机的折叠内侧有平板电脑,Mate X的平板电脑覆盖在手机的外侧sG8PgAT3LL[
两款机型均采用了传统的智能手机界面,独立于平板电脑运行|F4Zzm^y,BkPKfKvyi。Mate X的显示屏覆盖了整个手机外观,因此手机正、反面可同时作为手机使用jZe7lbePG.,X,e^
华为Mate X手机及平板电脑的显示屏均大于Galaxy FoldYo1az@N;@5bEjc。折叠的Mate X也较Galaxy Fold平整,两款机型均使用5G通信技术#y2ZYPXI;%|#6F8dy7
该大会推出的另一款产品是微软公司全新的HoloLens 2增强现实头盔Lw@pxtAaRC)K%K7*。增强现实设备将图像作为全息投影投射到用户的真实视野中p4OzwWm6OJx。虽然这类设备传统上一直备受视频游戏玩家的追捧,但是这款最新产品看上去更像是锁定办公人群3SKCfK.;=NF#Ie7aKFII
在巴塞罗那世界移动展会期间,微软公司展示了HoloLens 2跟随眼球转动的能力gyfW=zcXn(YY)ISu.。这次演示还展示了用户如何感受到真实触感并与全息图进行交互zNOTNXUz#Y[.4bK。示例显示用户能够演奏全息乐器或改变某工业设备的设置ei|[(WlE,0]N
微软公司在一份声明中表示,期待更多办公人群使用HoloLens 2帮助他们更好、更安全地完成工作wdGyXEu7Yy18u.7I^3Tg。该公司的声明称:“从建筑工地到工厂车间,从手术室到教室,HoloLens改变了我们工作、学习、交流以及做事方式.Ol58D|X,J。”


  • combinev. 结合,联合,使结合 n. 集团,联合企业,联合收割
  • presentationn. 陈述,介绍,赠与 n. [美]讲课,报告
  • popularadj. 流行的,大众的,通俗的,受欢迎的
  • constructionn. 建设,建造,结构,构造,建筑物
  • minoradj. 较小的,较少的,次要的 n. 未成年人,辅修科
  • demonstrationn. 示范,实证,表达,集会
  • dedicatedadj. 专注的,献身的,专用的
  • inventionn. 发明,发明物,虚构,虚构物
  • communicatev. 交流,传达,沟通
  • purchasevt. 买,购买 n. 购买,购买的物品 n. 支