CRI News Report:飞行机器人助手入驻国际空间站
日期:2018-11-27 14:58



The AI-based astronaut assistant onboard the ISS is a German robot named CIMON, standing for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, and it has been stationed on the ISS since early June.
German astronaut Alexander Gerst is currently aboard the ISS, and has been working closely with the artificial assistant.
Gerst has been testing a number of CIMON's features, including its autonomous navigation and ultrasonic sensors.
The German astronaut says the self-propelling robot is proving to be helpful, as it already fully-versed in Gerst's science experiments, floating at his side and answering questions about research procedures when asked.
CIMON project manager Till Eisenburg.
"He (CIMON) will assist him (Gerst) during two different tasks, so we will be able to provide him with the good advice during complex procedures as well as assist him in social interaction or by-social interaction and will provide additional data to the science group like video data or during complex tasks to validate the exact processing."
CIMON is said to be growing quite attached to Gerst, as the robot has the astronaut's face and voice imprinted in its memory.
Gerst only needs to call the robot's name to get its attention.

The two have no language barriers since they both communicate in English, which is the default language used by every crew member aboard the ISS, regardless of their nationality.
CIMON can even express whether it's happy or sad through a small screen serving as its face.
Its system is updated through IBM's cloud computing programs, allowing it to learn and adapt as new information becomes available.
In terms of its exterior, CIMON has been specifically designed as a ball shape.
This means it runs less of a risk of disturbing the astronauts or the ISS itself, as there are no sharp edges to hurt the astronauts or damage the equipment.
Till Eisenburg says he expects CIMON may end up being the type of companion astronauts will need when taking part in deep space missions.
"If you go with six to eight people to Mars or any long-term mission, the science groups already think about the good counter measures against psychological reactions which will appear during that kind of flight. In a small group, on a long-term travel, there will be specific reactions inside the crew - or inside the group - which cannot be counteracted by the ground station. So, to have something like CIMON onboard, it is meant to help during this specific situation, to react with a good counter measure to solve the situation in the group and to lead to mission success."
CIMON's current assignment aboard the International Space Station is due to come to a close toward the end of December when the rest of the current ISS crew gets their replacements.
For CRI, I'm Xie Cheng.


“如果派6到8个人去火星或者去执行其他长期任务,科研小组会考虑好对策,以应对长途飞行期间可能出现的心理反应。一个小组在长期飞行期间,内部可能会出现一些特定的反应,而这些无法通过地面站来进行疏导解决。在这种情况下, 像CIMON这样的机器人就能发挥很大作用,它能用良策来解决团队内部的问题,确保任务成功。”


1. regardless of 不顾;不管;不论;
The positive effects were observed in boys and girls, and regardless of race and ethnicity.
2. in terms of 在…方面;从…角度看;根据…来说;
Such comparisons can be tricky, as the areas are not always similar in terms of size and cost of living.
3. end up 最终;结果;到头来;
While you might have to adjust your gift ideas, you'll end up saving money, she said.
4. come to a close 结束;
The conference will come to a close this afternoon.