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Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC News. People are voting in Sweden's general election where an anti-immigration party is vying to win a pivotal role in a country long seen as a bastion of liberal values. The populist Sweden Democrats are on course to win at least 1/5 of the vote and become the second biggest party. The support for the centre-left and centre-right wanes. The BBC's Gavin Lee who's in Stockholm says political debate during the election has been dominated by migration. Look back to 2015, 163,000 migrants entering the country, more per capita than any other EU state. By November that year, the government put temporary restrictive border measures in place. Those temporary measures are still there in a supposedly Schengen passport-free zone of Europe. And the other parties talk about the Sweden Democrats, this fear factor about the immigration conflating with a spiking crime this year. But ultimately a lot of the conversation, the newspapers, you talk to people on the street, you know migration is the real central theme here.




North Korea has held a military parade to mark its 70th anniversary without displaying intercontinental ballistic missiles. Analysts have been watching the parade for clues about North Korea's professed commitment to denuclearization. Our correspondent in Seoul, Laura Bicker has more details. It was a tone down, a softer tone with colorful floats, including engineers, students, nurses, construction workers, which would fit with Kim Jong-un's recent focus, which is the economy. So it was a huge parade which would be in line with the 70th anniversary celebration and they were at tens of thousands of goose stepping soldiers all paying their tribute to Kim Jong-un.


The New York Times is reporting that officials from the Trump administration have held secret meetings with rebellious Venezuelan military officers over the last year to discuss their plans to oust President Nicolas Maduro but decided against a coup. Irian Skippers reports. The White House has not denied the talks have taken place and the news that US officials have been willing to discuss such plans with Venezuelan officers could prove to be damaging for the US given its long history of intervention in Latin America. But this time it appears Washington has refused to lend material support to rebellious officers. The Trump administration has been highly critical of the government of President Maduro. In August last year, President Trump said he did not rule out a military option in Venezuela, but for now, the US government says it prefers a peaceful and orderly return to democracy. World news from the BBC.







1.intercontinental ballistic missile 洲际弹道导弹


The launch suggests that North Korea has most of the technology required for building an intercontinental ballistic missile.


2.The Trump administration has been highly critical of the government of President Maduro.


be critical of 批评


I gather his report is highly critical of the trial judge


3.Trump said he did not rule out a military option in Venezuela.


rule out 不予考虑


The Prime Minister is believed to have ruled out cuts in child benefit or pensions.










  • administrationn. 行政,管理,行政部门
  • trialadj. 尝试性的; 审讯的 n. 尝试,努力,试验,试
  • electionn. 选举
  • orderlyadj. 有秩序的,整齐的,一丝不苟的,和平的 adv.
  • themen. 题目,主题
  • liberaladj. 慷慨的,大方的,自由主义的 n. 自由主义者,
  • migrationn. 移民,移往,移动
  • ultimatelyadv. 最后,最终
  • votingn. 投票 动词vote的现在分词形式
  • benefitn. 利益,津贴,保险金,义卖,义演 vt. 有益于,得