CRI News Report:甘南自治州清理卫生改善民生
日期:2018-09-05 12:17



Bordering Qinghai and Sichuan provinces in southwest China, the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is home to vast grasslands, lush forests, and beautiful waterways.
Over half of the people living in the area are Tibetan.
It was not that many years ago that the region was economically backward, with its cities and towns badly polluted, and garbage a common sight along the roadside.
Tang Foyu is a resident of Da Shaoma, a village in Hezuo city, which is the capital of Gannan prefecture.
"It was quite dirty here. We used to raise pigs at home. There was no clear division between the pigsty and our house."
Starting in March 2015, local governments started a campaign to clean up the towns and cities in Gannan, vowing to clean the trash from the environment.
Huang Yamei works at a local community office in Hezuo City, the administrative seat of the prefecture.
She says the clean-up works in Da Shaoma village included road construction, separating the areas where animals live from the residential areas, and repairing the houses of the local villagers. To maintain the momentum of the campaign, the local officials praise the families who maintain the cleanest houses.
"In the beginning, local officials came to the village to do the cleaning. But after a while, local people started to clean the area on their own."

So far, Gannan government has spent around 19 million U.S. dollars in the clean-up effort. Officials are working to ensure that every part of the region is brought under their supervision.
Tashi Tsering, head of the Gannan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, says the clean-up has helped to improve the lives of the local people.
"The clean-up has changed people's ideas, their habits, and their standard of living, and their pursuit for a better, healthier life. People now have the desire to improve their lives."
Local authorities have announced the 4.5 million hectares of mountains, grasslands and water areas in the prefecture have been totally free of trash.
For CRI, this is Huang Yue.




1. used to do sth. 过去常常;过去曾;
Above all, this time that I used to waste on social network sites has taught me nothing and has given me very little in return.
2. clean up 清理,清除(污染物) ;
Many volunteers are using just their hands to try to clean up the polluted water and the beaches.
3. on their own 单独地;独自地;
He did the whole project on his own.
4. so far 迄今为止;到目前为止;
We have been trying a new teaching method and its effects so far seem to be quite satisfying.