CRI News Report:专家高度评价中国在亚洲安全方面的作用
日期:2018-07-11 12:12



The Wanshou Dialogue on Global Security has attracted around 50 renowned scholars from China and other countries such as the U.S., Russia, Japan, Germany and India.
Jonathan Corrado with a New York-based think tank says despite the differences between the United States and China, policymakers from the two countries should try to create an environment in which they can contribute to global security by working together.
"The US-China relationship is the most important bilateral relationship in the world, so goes the US-China relationship, so goes much the trajectory of world history. So a lot at stake, a lot depends on the ability to the extent which we're able to continue to cooperate and find new avenue for cooperation as well."
Corrado also says there are quite a few challenges that the US and China can tackle together.
"Normally when non-traditional security challenges, the question is about trans-national threat, like terrorism, drugs, piracy, etc, those are all avenues where we can see enhanced co-ordination but also on things like combating climate change, that is another area where China and the US can really work together a lot more than they are currently, because they share a lot of the same challenges moving forward."
The US expert says given China's status as the second largest economy in the world, continued regional stability, as well as a smooth diplomatic relationship with other countries, are keys to sustained growth.

The security forum is being held as the situation on the Korean Peninsula continues to move forward, something that is being highlighted at the event.
Christian Wirth is another taking part.
He's from a Hamburg, Germany-based institute.
He's taken time to note China's role in the most recent Inter-Korea summits and the US-North Korea summit in Singapore.
"Talking about Korean Peninsula, I think Chinese role has somewhat been in the background, but still visible, in the sense to stabilize because China has consistently emphasized diplomatic solution to the tension on the Korean Peninsula, and has, directly or by mere presence, help North Korean government engage with the US and South Korea."
Wirth also says some of China's major proposals, many of them economic-oriented, have contributed to global governance and reflect China's approach to peace and prosperity.
"Belt and Road initiative and promotion of aid as well as financial means to establish infrastructure certainly help develop many regions in the world that have been left out from the development in general. It has also in Europe now been seen from different angles, in some way of course, it's been seen very positive because it provides more economic opportunities to engage China. It is why European countries have also participated in the AIIB for instance."
The security forum is being organized by Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament.
The event wraps up on Thursday.
For CRI, this is Yu Yang.




1. at stake 处于危险境地;处于成败关头;
But what is at stake is not only economic and financial stability.
2. engage with 适应;(与…)建立密切关系;
For better or worse, buying things is a way to engage with them and with the world.
3. contribute to (为…)做贡献;
The other important aspect is to understand what businesses will contribute to the future growth of the company.
4. wrap up 圆满完成,圆满结束(工作、协议等) ;
The police will soon wrap up their investigation.