CRI News Report:习近平呼吁加强上合组织安全合作
日期:2018-06-13 12:05



During the meeting, President Xi Jinping suggested that the SCO member countries continue to uphold the common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concept, and promote a security governance model that addresses both symptoms and root causes, so as to push forward the SCO security cooperation to a new level.
"The SCO Security Council Secretaries meeting is important for member states. It is necessary for SCO member states to jointly respond to security threats and work together to strengthen regional security governance. Since the establishment of the SCO, the member states have always taken the maintenance of regional security and stability as a priority. By expanding areas of cooperation, cracking down on the "three evil forces", namely terrorism, extremism and separatism, and preventing the spillover effect of the hotspot issues, the SCO has made important contributions to lasting stability and prosperity of the region."
Xi Jinping has suggested that SCO member states grasp the strategic direction of security cooperation, continue to consolidate strategic mutual trust, strengthen policy communication and coordination, adhere to fairness and justice, and jointly promote the peaceful resolution to hotspot issues through political and diplomatic means.

"After its enlargement with India and Pakistan joining the organization, the SCO enjoys greater potential for security cooperation and shoulders more responsibility, bearing more expectations from the people in the region and the international community. The SCO Security Council Secretaries meetings must actively adapt to changes in the situation, earnestly perform its duties, exercise smooth communication and coordination, and provide stronger support for SCO member states to maintain national security and social stability."
He said China will continue to integrate its own safety with that of regional countries and work with other SCO members to build a new type of international relations for the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.
Russia's Security Council Secretary and Kyrgyzstan's Secretary of the Security Council spoke on behalf of the foreign delegations.
They have voiced support for China's initiative on coping with common challenges and safeguarding international peace and security.
They expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the 13th meeting of the SCO Security Council Secretaries, saying it played an important role in preparing for the 18th SCO summit, which is scheduled to be held in Qingdao in June.
For CRI, this is Yu Yang.




1. push forward 推进;推行;
例句:We should continue to push forward international antiterrorism cooperation and fundamentally curb the threat of international terrorism.
2. crack down on 严厉打击;镇压;
例句:Demonstrations and strikes have shaken authorities and they're beginning to crack down on those companies who don't follow the rules.
3. adhere to 遵守,遵循(规定或协议);
例句:We must adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose.
4. cope with (成功地)处理,应付,对付;
例句:No matter how complicated the situation was, he could cope with it successfully.