CRI News Report:美国地方政府引进中国投资
日期:2018-06-08 12:09



Wang Wenli is the partner-in-charge at the San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices of Moss Adams, an accounting and business consulting firm which helps Chinese clients invest in the United States.
She says the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, has become a bigger factor affecting Chinese investment.
"A client of mine, they announced the deal actually last October and they are still going through the process. It's taking much longer. Before mid-year 2017, people talk about CFIUS, but really the deals got denied, are very minimal. And now it's becoming a regular concern."
She made the comment on the sidelines of a forum in San Francisco called "Bridge from China 2018".
Among the attendees is David Kaufman, the director of Global Strategies at Nixon Peabody.
"Most of businesses are (done) locally. The federal government hasn't played a huge role in encouraging investment internationally anyways. Local government and local businesses and local institutions have to roll up their sleeves and get it done. And you have to create an environment where folks coming from overseas feel comfortable investing."
One of the groups supporting the event is ChinaSF, an initiative formed under the San Francisco Center of Economic Development.
It has recruited more than 96 Chinese companies over the past decade, creating nearly 800 jobs and attracting more than 5.1 billion U.S. dollars of foreign direct investment from China.

ChinaSF's Executive Director Darlene Chiu Byrant.
"I think we are very unique, the fact that we have such a close relationship with the city. Because we are outside the city, we can explain things, talk about things in ways that organizations and particularly businesses will understand. Whereas many times as a city official, it's really hard to explain things that a business, especially a foreign business can understand."
Michael Lee, the president of the Research and Institute of China Railway Signal and Communication, China's largest train technology supplier, is seeking opportunities at the forum to boost the development of California's rail technology.
"The current U.S.- China tensions definitely are having an impact on the people, on our potential customers, how they think about doing business with China. However, I feel confident we do bring a lot of advantages."
There are already new subways trains designed and manufactured by a Chinese firm ready to operate in the United States.
The new trains are part of a contract between Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation.
Under the contract, the Rolling Stock Corporation will design and manufacture more than 400 cars for two subway lines in Boston, at a price of one billion U.S. dollars.
For CRI, I'm Xie Cheng.


王文丽是美国会计和商务咨询公司Moss Adams在旧金山和核桃溪镇办事处的合伙人,这家公司帮助中国客户在美国进行投资。
本次论坛的其中一个支持机构是旧金山市驻华办公室 (ChinaSF),这是旧金山经济发展中心发起的一个组织。


1. invest in 投资;
例句:And that's why we choose to invest in education, and science and research.
2. go through 通过;办理;
例句:You must go through customs in order to pass across the border.
3. roll up 卷起(袖子或裤腿) ;
例句:The jacket was too big for him so he rolled up the cuffs.
4. be ready to do sth. 准备好的;胜任的;
例句:The company says it has an airline ready to unveil the system in two months time, presumably with devices for business or first class.