CRI News Report:中国匈牙利艺术交流
日期:2018-06-07 12:06



Tan Ping is the academy's deputy head.
"The event boasts the largest number of exhibits for an exhibition ever held by Hungarian art circles in China. There are a rich variety of exhibits on display, ranging from paintings and glass sculptures to installation art and video art. I think Chinese citizens may obtain a panorama view about the trend of modern art in Hungary."
With the assistance from the Chinese National Academy of Arts, the Hungarian Academy of Arts has organized this almost month-long exhibition, titled "Spirit Presence Existence".
A Hungarian artist has also sung local folk songs in celebration of the event's opening.

According to Tan Ping, the exhibition will not only offer a feast to visitor's eyes but their ears.
"When the Chinese National Academy of Arts hosted an exhibition in Hungary last year, we arranged performances generated by the ancient Chinese musical instruments at the opening ceremony. So when they now arrange an exhibition in Beijing, they are eager to show their folk music which they believe relates to the folk music of ethnic minorities in northern China. In addition to the opening ceremony today, Hungarian folk music would also be the research subject for a workshop affiliated to the exhibition."
Tan Ping also added that this exhibition is just the beginning of large-scale cultural exchanges that will come later in fields like dance, opera and architecture.




1. a variety of 各式各样;多种多样;
例句:Minerals can be absorbed and utilized by the body in a variety of different forms.
2. in celebration of 庆祝;赞扬;
例句:They held a party in celebration of his birthday.
3. be eager to do sth. 热切的;渴望的;
例句:Helen as well as I is eager to see the performance.
4. in addition to 另外;加之;除…之外;
例句:In addition to what he said at the meeting, there was something else about the matter.