BEC高级真题第5辑精听:Test4-Part Three(3)
日期:2016-05-25 18:28


Woman: And the other thing is, the changes should really benefit staff morale. I know we're changing to a system of staff bonuses for productivity, and that should prove motivating. But I think morale will improve because most of the staff are so well-trained in what we're doing, they will be able to contribute fully. Their feedback will be valuable in enhancing our systems all round-which will save us money in the end.

Man: Yes, after everything has settled down I'm planning to refine things further. The Board have made a decision to change the lines of reporting for managers, which should make communication smoother. My brief is to get the design teams to work together better and to be more focused on their common goal. We've got some highly specialised staff now and we're coming up with some innovative products, but it's taking too long. They're doubling up on things or going off at tangents-some sort of group training should sort it out.

Woman: Yes. I suppose the principal thing now is trying to keep all this under our hat. I think, on the whole, the staff will have a positive response to the changes, though there may be some objections. And, if all goes according to plan, the time limit we have set to introduce it all seems reasonable. But we don't want other companies having access to this information because they then may implement something similar, and we won't be ahead of the game.

Man: Umm ... yes, well, we'll have to discuss the process ...