BEC高级真题第5辑精听:Test4-Part Three(2)
日期:2016-05-23 18:28


Man: Well, I've worked out that, once we've streamlined operations, we'll free up some space in the factory. The testing unit can be moved down the road to the Western Avenue site. I want to go back to vertical integration. Outsourcing our components is costing us too much and we should be able to handle it ourselves. Production want us to put in extra machines so we can make more of the best-selling goods, but I don't go along with that.

Woman: Yes-and we must look at how we're going to push these changes in the market. We should publicise what we're doing-to our customers in the domestic market and abroad. I mean, we seem to be constantly in discussion with them about cutting our delivery so that they can get stuff within a week or whatever-but we're setting up a system that effectively reduces the notice they have to give us for orders quite considerably, and I think we ought to play on that.

Man: Well, also I think if we aim for operational excellence we will be able to get a better class of customer.

Woman: What do you mean?

Man: We need to make ourselves the preferred supplier for companies that are the winners in the market place; companies that are leaders in their own field. Because they're the ones who have a vested interest in working with their suppliers and working with them in producing innovations. If you are only supplying companies that put out to tender every year, the future becomes uncertain and so you've no time to build a relationship that will move your company forward.

  • suppliern. 供应者,供应厂商,供应国
  • tenderadj. 温柔的,嫩的,脆弱的 ,亲切的,敏感的,未成熟
  • domesticadj. 国内的,家庭的,驯养的 n. 家仆,佣人
  • settingn. 安装,放置,周围,环境,(为诗等谱写的)乐曲 动词
  • constantlyadv. 不断地,经常地
  • effectivelyadv. 事实上,有效地
  • deliveryn. 递送,交付,分娩
  • uncertainadj. 不确定的
  • streamlinedadj. 流线型的;最新型的;改进的 v. 使成流线型;
  • integrationn. 综合,集成,同化