BEC高级真题第5辑精听:Test4-Part Three(1)
日期:2016-05-20 18:20


Woman: ... so can we discuss these operational changes that you're putting in place in the factory, Sam? It's going to be an enormous change, isn't it? But I think it's the right thing to do.

Man: Yes, Julia ... I think the operational side is critical because we have to look at what can be achieved by investing in new machinery and introducing Just-in-Time systems. It's all about making and selling things better and more cheaply than the opposition. If we put ourselves in that position, then whether we decide to sell directly or through outlets, it will allow us to make substantial inroads into our competitors,customer base. The end result of the change may be that we have to lose some of the manufacturing staff, but it shouldn't be too bad. And we're building for our stake in the future.

Woman: Well, yes-you're right-we do have to look ahead. If you look at the way that the business is going, you can see what customers,needs are going to be over the next few years. It used to be all about cost and being very price conscious, putting that across to the customer in a straightforward way. Now though, we've got to look at ways of making manufacturing more versatile, and react instantly to demand, rather than just churning out a huge range of goods and having them sitting on the shelves.