BBC环球慢速英语 第501期:达尔富尔之声(6)
日期:2019-08-09 13:42



Voice 1: Fatima lives in Al-Salaam camp. It is near the capital town of north Darfur. Al Salaam means "peace". But for the fifty thousand people who stay at the camp, there is little peace. They live in small shelters made of dry grass. They do not always have enough water. For them it seems as if time has stopped. It will only start again when they can return to their own homes and villages. Fatima is a young mother in the camp. She says:
声音1:法蒂玛住在Al-Salaam营地tC1R]eqO2=7t^;。那里离达尔富尔北部的首都很近Uso5u(+6zcv。Al Salaam的意思是“和平”y(ynfklAkn8#e。但对生活在这座营地的5万人来说,和平几乎不存在4mgoItx^q]K5ORn。他们住在用干草搭成的小棚里r9r2pI~3Qt^ClCgpESV。他们并不总是能有足够的水.,Z!@W&]QtC。对他们来说,时间好像停止了U2LQuy,w%r(pzu&。只有在他们回到自己的家园和村庄时,时间才会重新启动a3Y|@)xwuZX.A0。法蒂玛是生活在该营地的一位年轻妈妈)h3ONodt3]k,cZ。她说:
Voice 8: "The enemy soldiers killed my husband in front of me. They drove a car over him. I have nothing left, but my spirit."